Tracking and Verification Applications for the Rugged Tablet

While handheld POS devices have long been adapted for tracking and signature capture, rugged tablets have many more advantages and a high potential for use in the logistics industry.

Shipping and delivery verticals in particular can benefit from the flexibility, durability, and accuracy rugged tablets provide. Around various holidays, points of departure can become chaotic and confusing, with multiple deliveries, special orders, tight schedules and limited manpower.

With the right match of software and hardware, a rugged tablet can be invaluable.. Some of the benefits of a rugged tablet for logistics include:

  • Mapping potential can be extremely beneficial when it comes to time management being able to coordinate deliveries and traffic as well as factoring in multiple team members, potential roadblocks and restricted streets can help streamline the days deliveries and allow for time sensitive packages to get to their destination on time.

  • Similar to POS machines, a data capture equipped rugged tablet can provide a fast, easy, and efficient way to complete instant verification, signature capture, and transmission of data to a centralized tracking database. It can also allow delivery personnel to quickly scan and verify information for proper recordkeeping.

  • Rugged tablets also expand and improve the process of communication; the ease of making contact with other workers, handing off tasks and making changes on the fly if needed yielding savings in time and labor when things dont go as planned.

  • All tasks can be streamlined and back-up plans made and stored in case of breakdown, traffic, or other emergency. Duties can be reassigned and schedules restructured in case of unforeseen events.

  • Rugged means devices keep working even in bad weather, if they are dropped, rained on, banged, or shaken. The tablet is durable and strong, able to put up with inevitable abuse.

  • The ever important customer experience is better thanks to simplified tracking, acceptance, and signature processes. Worker experience is better with the exact data capture features needed to focus on tasks for their specific industry or work process.

Devices can be assigned to individuals, to vehicles, or to static locations; wherever a rugged tablet is needed, it can be customized for the user and the tasks to be completed. The ability to communicate data in real time helps keep the logistic chain running smoothly, from the time an order is made until the time it is signed for by the recipient.