DT Research DT362GL Rugged Tablet: Certified Safe in Tough and Hazardous Environments

commander of the Rangers paves the route on an electronic tablet

C1D2 certification has become increasingly vital as mobile electronic devices grow more common in workplaces across industries, ensuring the safety of all workers. Many workplaces have both hazardous and non-hazardous zones. However, despite policy and warning signs, there is a high risk that workers will unintentionally bring a non-compliant mobile electronic device into a hazardous environment in these situations.

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Applications of Rugged Medical Tablets in Healthcare

Rugged tablets are designed with industrial applications in mind, but the healthcare field has found a use for them as the pandemic hit the entire world. With a flexible system easy to integrate with healthcare applications, medical-grade tablets helped doctors, nurses, and other practitioners do their jobs more efficiently and accurately.

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3 Ways Rugged Tablets Assist Supply Chains

Supply chain management has a lot of moving parts that need to be synchronistically aligned in order for products to get out the door. Every small thing that comes up could affect the success of the chain. From shipments being oversized or too heavy to forecasted delivery dates based on real-time information, the attention is in the detail. 

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Antimicrobial Tablets – A Standard of Production in 2022 for DT Research

This past year changed the landscape of operations for many industries. Not only do companies need to ensure efficient operations, hiring quality teams, with services like jobs talent acquisition, and keeping an eye on profits and expenses; companies globally now have a responsibility to take extra precautions when it comes to employee safety. Extra cleaning measures, work-from-home policies, and implementation of new technology are all changes that are being made to combat the issue of worker safety. 

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Rugged Tablets for the Transportation Industry

Managing efficient transportation for a city is a task that requires dedication, organization, and efficiency. Multiple problems are often running at one time, with a focus on solutions, back up plans, and technology that simplifies required management. Rugged tablets simplify the management of all the moving parts of transportation logistics, while providing an option for teams in the field to have mobility and functionality on the job.

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