Rugged Laptops Pave the Way to Efficient and Secured Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance management is the process of managing the repair and upkeep of vehicles owned by a business or organization to minimize cost and maximize availability. The major goal is to improve the vehicles’ efficiency and safety when they are being used to perform company work, get supplies, or transfer workers.

Many sectors require the management of vehicle fleets. Fleet maintenance management has a significant impact on overall fleet availability, whether it’s massive semi-trucks that transport commodities, construction vehicles that work on infrastructure projects, cars that transport workers a goods which can be bought online if you pop over to these guys website, or agricultural machinery that harvests crops. This type of maintenance is necessary, but can be challenging without the proper technology.

Why DT Research rugged laptops are the best tool in fleet maintenance management?

Fleet Safety and Security    

Fleet employees may have to work in difficult weather conditions, in remote locations or simply in an emergency. And this in some instances, may require protecting your assets from theft.  Having a system and security in place that can efficiently manage fleet maintenance programs is critical, and this is where technology comes in. The LT320, LT330, and LT350 rugged convertible laptops have two-factor authentication (built-in smart card/CAC reader with NIST compliant BIOS available) and network communication (built-in Intel® AX200 Wi-Fi, BT 5.1 LE, and 4G LTE/AWS mobile broadband. Safety and security is as important as fuel, vehicles, drivers, and maintenance.             

3 Different Screen sizes

With different sizes to accommodate the needs of customers, DT Research rugged laptops have11.6-inch, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch screens (with optional 4k resolution in 15.6 for graphics intensive – ideal for training on a new part or system). Each has an optional front camera as well, if they need help while inside of an engine or to show issues happening to gain another opinion or guidance on troubleshooting on site with a repair request, the camera can be used to send a video or chat.

Night Vision  

Successful fleet maintenance management also requires performing regular inspections—both visual inspections done by drivers, and more in-depth inspections by maintenance technicians. This prevents unexpected downtime and breakdowns because problems are caught and corrected before the engine fails. The LT320, LT330, LT350 rugged convertible laptops screens come with a backlit option for use in the daylight sun and night vision. When any problem requiring service or repair is found during an inspection even at night, it ensures safe operation of the vehicle.

Any successful fleet maintenance management needs to ensure that vehicles continue to operate safely through a proactive, systematic and cost-effective approach.  The new line of DT Research rugged laptops (LT320, LT330, LT350) are paving the road to become an integral part in making the fleet run in an effective and efficient way.

Rugged convertible laptops by DT Research easily go from  laptop computer to tablet when needed to be used in tight spaces such as working on an engine or up under the car. The laptop computer can quickly be turned into tablet mode with easy 360 motion. 

DT Research rugged laptops are built with durability to withstand the conditions of a warehouse, hanger, or repair shop, where dust and vibration will not affect the hardware. The convertible laptop is manufactured with reliability to last long term.  

We’re Grateful for Our Customers and Technology Partners

As Thanksgiving approaches quickly this year, we want to take a few moments to show our appreciation for the people and companies that make a difference in our business. We couldn’t do what we do best without our trusted partners who offer software solutions or create value-added solutions to our products for their clients.

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Data-Driven Decision Making Made Possible with Rugged Tablets

Companies across multiple industries are rethinking the way they do business. As 2020 came and passed, unveiling flaws within operational systems across industries worldwide, companies are now left with exposed areas of the business that need to be looked at and corrected. As 2021 is well underway businesses are looking to make data-driven business decisions to improve internal operations, team communications, and holes in the business that weren’t previously seen. 

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Rugged Tablets to Manage Asset Checkouts by Staff

Theme parks, theatres, and movie sets require their employees to check out costumes and assets required to do their job; those assets need to be tracked and managed as they are used and returned to ensure none are lost. Mismanagement of costumes and assets could be expensive to replace if they are lost, costing the company thousands per year and time to replace items.

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DT Research Tech: The Continuing Gift of the Season

tis the season of giving!

DT Research has not only been providing advanced technologies to many industry verticals for improving internal efficiency and operational ease, our mission is also to give our technology to companies and organizations that are making a difference in the world.

This holiday season we are thankful to have been able to give to those who serve our communities. We believe this is a gift that keeps giving for years to come.

3 Ways We Gave this Season

Sound Vet

DT Research has been supporting SOUND, a global veterinary imaging leader and most trusted source for Digital X-ray, Ultrasound systems and education, PACS, Advanced Imaging Tools, and Imaging Support. DT Research has been in partnership with SOUND in their mission to shape the future of animal healthcare through innovation and education.

Wounded Warrior Project

As a way of giving back to our military who serves us on a daily basis, we have supported the Wounded Project for the veterans for the last three years through the #TieTheKnot Campaign. Through this campaign, DT Research has donated for every knot tied at the West show. For the last two years, we doubled the amount so that we could give more.

Advanced Technology

DT Research aims to provide advanced technologies that also makes a difference in the world. Our range of technology consists of rugged tablets, medical cart computers, and handheld tablets; specializing and catering to varied and specific needs of different industries from the military, government, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, law enforcement and healthcare. DT Researchs computing systems have become an essential part of the workday, allowing staff to remotely enter data, monitor inventory, communicate in real-time, or manage fleets. More importantly, our systems are made to withstand tough environments like a construction site, emergency situation, weather, or drops.

There may be other ruggedized tablets that are built to withstand most abuseand they’re more often than not, a pricey investment. Our technology is built for the job and offers the most competitive cost without sacrificing performance and efficiency, helping companies do their best job for their customers.

If youre looking for the perfect tech to gift your business this holiday season, let our experts help you find what you need. Contact us today.

The end of the year is the perfect time to invest in your companys future technology. A gift that will continue to give through the years. As we step into this holiday season, we are grateful to serve our communities and world for those who serve every day. Thank you to all of our clients and partners for the opportunity to work with you.