Accessories Flex Usability for the DT361AM Tablet

The newly released DT Research DT361AM Tablet is a lightweight, durable six-inch tablet that is perfect for on-the-go industries where having an ultra-portable mini-computer is a necessity. Industries such as law enforcement, military, government, first responders, utility workers, warehouses, construction, and field workers who need something that can easily be carried in the hand while in the field, yet has the power to quickly log documents and input data while saving information in real-time so anyone with network access can access information at the same time it is uploaded. 

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Rugged Tablets Assist Asset Checkout for Theme Park Performers and Staff

The show must go on… theme parks are an active, fast-paced environment where many moving departments and parts need to be tracked on a daily basis. One of the most important assets to theme parks are their performers and the shows in which are produced every day. However, managing all of the assets for each show, times employees check out materials, and which costumes went where can be an overwhelming task; without the proper systems and processes in place can lead to lost assets and misplaced materials, ultimately costing the theme park thousands per year to replace. 

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DT361AM Rugged Tablets: The Dependable Device in the Military

Rugged tablets are designed and manufactured for harsh environments, built to withstand outdoor use and extreme temperatures with high reliability for critical applications, especially in the military field. When choosing the most suitable military-grade tablet, there are key considerations for field and base use

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Data-Driven Decision Making Made Possible with Rugged Tablets

Companies across multiple industries are rethinking the way they do business. As 2020 came and passed, unveiling flaws within operational systems across industries worldwide, companies are now left with exposed areas of the business that need to be looked at and corrected. As 2021 is well underway businesses are looking to make data-driven business decisions to improve internal operations, team communications, and holes in the business that weren’t previously seen. 

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Rugged Tablets to Manage Asset Checkouts by Staff

Theme parks, theatres, and movie sets require their employees to check out costumes and assets required to do their job; those assets need to be tracked and managed as they are used and returned to ensure none are lost. Mismanagement of costumes and assets could be expensive to replace if they are lost, costing the company thousands per year and time to replace items.

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