How Rugged Tablets with Night Vision are Essential for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement is an essential part of the communities we live in. Officers are government bodies trained in crime prevention and accident reporting to assist with keeping order in the community. Advanced technology is a large part of assisting officers in their daily tasks to ensure real-time communication and documentation of their work.

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Three Ways Rugged Tablets Improve Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing industries are integrating new technologies that streamline processes and increase productivity among team members.  Rugged tablets help to organize data, quickly access information on the network, and track inventory or shipments with more ease. Rugged tablets integrate with software systems that improve shipping logistics and inventory management while updating data in real-time. This benefits communication between all departments, as anyone with access to the network, can log in and view the documents in real-time and therefore make better decisions faster with more accurate data.

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What We Are Thankful For in 2020

2020 has shown all of us just how much resilience we have, how to pull together as a society in support of one another, and how to slow down and be grateful for what we have. 2020 has certainly challenged every individual in different ways and has also brought the opportunity to show gratitude for all the things that are good in life. Highlighting even the smallest things we have to be grateful for.

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Remote Site Investigations with Drones and Rugged Tablets

Drones seem to be everywhere these days as more individuals and businesses are starting to embrace this remote technology. A drone or unmanned aircraft is any aircraft that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft. Drones come in many dierent sizes and shapes and are designed to primarily collect data to meet a multitude of dierent tasks and applications.

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Why Our Customers Choose DT Research

Everything we do here at DT Research is with our customers in mind. We design, build, and manufacture purpose-built computers and accessories that go beyond expectations to fill a need in the marketplace. When we hear of a specific need or challenge that a customer or industry is facing, our team begins working on a solution. Often a company in the purpose-built devices space will build the product and then try to fit it into the industry, but we truly believe in building the product specific to the needs of our customers.

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