Best Mobile Solution for Military Asset Management

The challenge of capabilities and asset management for defense agencies becomes significantly more difficult as equipment becomes more complicated. Rapid deployment and flexibility are now necessary due to the shift in emphasis from a static force to the need for capabilities projection and global operations, which necessitates a new operational paradigm for equipment purchase, management, and ownership.

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Rugged Tablet and Digital Twin: The New Norm for Engineering and Construction Projects

Digital twins in construction are becoming prevalent in the development and construction phases of a building because they show the project on a dynamic plane. It emphasizes the critical role that digital building information plays throughout a property’s life cycle–  from the planning stages to the later stages of development as a workplace. To learn more of those constructed properties, you can visit the site.

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Rugged Tablets: In-Car-Office Solution for Law Enforcement

Patrol cars serve many purposes. They are an officer’s means of transportation, but they’re also used as mobile offices, equipment haulers, cover when needed, barricades, emergency warning devices, temporary jails, cafeterias, and communication centers. For 8 hours a day, an officer’s patrol car is their mobile office. Therefore, patrol cars are required to hold more equipment, such as multiple radios, video systems, radar,  and other police office equipment. Thus, a rugged tablet is one integral piece of law enforcement technology. Rugged tablets do just about anything needed away from the officer’s department desk, making what was once desk work possible even on the go. Dyno Tuning can also enhance the overall driving experience by making your vehicle more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

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Rugged Tablets for Utilities Asset Management and Maintenance

The most challenging and time-consuming task that utility maintenance personnel must complete is utility repair. Underground utilities comprise all the pipes and cables that transport electricity, water, sewage, and gas to and from buildings and houses. Repair and maintenance of these utilities require excavation and digging to reach the source of damage. Attempts to repair damaged utility structures could be made more difficult by a lack of appropriate utility equipment or repair goods. 

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Rugged Tablets for Smart, Renewable Energy Management

As the renewable energy industry grows, and opportunity expands the need for renewable energy management also grows. Planning smart, renewable energy projects as well as managing all of the assets for the projects are of the utmost importance. Projects such as solar installations, and wind turbines on wind farms require maintenance of parts, as well as asset management of the devices during and after installation.

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