Rugged Tablets with UHF RFID Improves Efficiency for Manufacturing & Logistics Industries

Rugged tablets improve processes and employee workflows for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing industries. Manual documentation procedures are becoming a thing of the past as new and emerging technology improves efficiencies both in the field and in the office. Inventory is managed more easily; warehouse packages are taken in and documented with reduced human error and data is made more readily available to team members so business decisions can be executed quickly.

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Rugged Tablet Security Features

Security on devices used by government officials, military and private companies who work with branches within the government is a top priority. Security is a topic that continues to expand in conversations globally as threats to systems, processes and procedures remain at risk. As a manufacturer of rugged tablets for both government and military branches, we pride ourselves on added security built into our rugged tablets to protect the information within the network as well as additional security measures within secure buildings so users are authenticated prior to entering a facility.

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DT Research DT301X Ranked Fastest Rugged Tablet

Speed is an important quality in mobile computing, especially in a business setting. Speed determines the timeliness of important business matters such as document processing, signature retrieval, and real-time communication. The extra cost of doing business when a device is running slow could cost a company thousands of dollars in downtime. Purpose-built computers have a need for speed to keep business operations functioning at the highest level.

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3 Reasons Police Departments Love DT Research Rugged Tablets

Reviews are in, police departments love DT Research rugged tablets for on-duty fieldwork. 

When finding that our purpose-built tablets are being used by the US Navy, police departments feel comfortable knowing that DT Research rugged tablets are built military tough and that they can be an asset to a police department.

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Rugged Tablets Aid the Trend of E-construction

The use of rugged tablets is the new trend in field service businesses and construction companies. It used to be that a pad of paper and pencil were the way to document progress on the job site. With the invention of purpose-built tablets for construction, rugged tablets are making it easier to document and process tasks while reducing the human error of transfer from paper to the computer. Tablets are more in demand than ever in the field service industry and understandably so.

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