Year-End Inventory is Made Easier and Faster with Rugged Tablets

End of year inventory is made more efficient with the use of rugged tablets. Its that time of year that all businesses, big and small, need to complete inventory for year-end requirements. Its not the most exciting way to finish off the year, but its a must to ensure the new year starts off with accurate records.

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Superior Healthcare Tablets for a Changing Healthcare Environment

Imagine a high-tech medical tablet thats rugged, fast, and lightweight. High performance, energy-efficient Intel processor in a handheld, portable scale. When going from room to room, seeing patients back-to-back, healthcare teams need something that can easily be carried. But this doesnt mean you have to scale back on quality. This makes it easier to document patients as well as have large, clear images for telehealth services. Healthcare teams need something reliable and durable no matter what the environment they are working in.

DT Research designs and manufactures high quality, durable medical tablets that assist the healthcare industry with current challenges to enhance patient care and improve internal operational efficiency. We have three options available for the many needs of the medical community.

Handheld Ideal

The 362MD Medical Tablet features a 6 capacitive touch screen and energy-efficient Intel quad-core processor. This rugged medical tablet also comes with a smart card reader, back camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. You need to be able to record and retrieve patient data, and quickly. This is a lightweight, mobile option that can easily be transferred between stations and rooms without risking quality and durability. If youre comfortable with a tablet thats the size of a smartphone, put this one in your pocket! This tablet is perfect for quick patient visits to give medicine or update vitals and can be used later when doing an inventory check.

Slim and Medium-Sized

A slightly bigger screen option that is still slim and lightweight would be the 301MD 2-in-1. This medical tablet offers a brilliant, 10.1 screen and is the perfect combination of screen size to weight and performance. The core processor is slightly different from the 362MD as it integrates the Intel i series processor. It comes with the same features as the previous model along with an optional 4G LTE and docking keyboard. This tablet is great for carrying and a great in-between when you want a screen thats not too big, but still holds a wide frame of detail. This tablet is perfect for putting on a slim cart to roll around from station to station or room to room.

If You Need to Scale Up

For a wider work area, the 313MD Rugged 2-in-1 Medical Tablet may be a perfect fit! It has everything, and holds a detailed application interface to enhance experience and workflow. This tablet is great for enhancing telehealth services because it has a larger screen to see images or to see patients on video. This workstation is also perfect for putting on a cart to roll from room to room. Enhancing telehealth services as well as being compatible with popup testing sites making it easy to treat patients outside of a room environment.

Whatever option you choose, we guarantee a fast, reliable processing system and crisp picture. Our medical tablets are some of the best in the business, in demand by the healthcare industry. We want to ensure that you get the highest level of detail to get you the information you need. As someone in the medical field, you need a fast, durable, and portable tablet. No detail or image can be fuzzy when youre needing to deliver results. Its important to be in the know at all times, and our tablets help you achieve this.

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DT Research Tech: The Continuing Gift of the Season

tis the season of giving!

DT Research has not only been providing advanced technologies to many industry verticals for improving internal efficiency and operational ease, our mission is also to give our technology to companies and organizations that are making a difference in the world.

This holiday season we are thankful to have been able to give to those who serve our communities. We believe this is a gift that keeps giving for years to come.

3 Ways We Gave this Season

Sound Vet

DT Research has been supporting SOUND, a global veterinary imaging leader and most trusted source for Digital X-ray, Ultrasound systems and education, PACS, Advanced Imaging Tools, and Imaging Support. DT Research has been in partnership with SOUND in their mission to shape the future of animal healthcare through innovation and education.

Wounded Warrior Project

As a way of giving back to our military who serves us on a daily basis, we have supported the Wounded Project for the veterans for the last three years through the #TieTheKnot Campaign. Through this campaign, DT Research has donated for every knot tied at the West show. For the last two years, we doubled the amount so that we could give more.

Advanced Technology

DT Research aims to provide advanced technologies that also makes a difference in the world. Our range of technology consists of rugged tablets, medical cart computers, and handheld tablets; specializing and catering to varied and specific needs of different industries from the military, government, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, law enforcement and healthcare. DT Researchs computing systems have become an essential part of the workday, allowing staff to remotely enter data, monitor inventory, communicate in real-time, or manage fleets. More importantly, our systems are made to withstand tough environments like a construction site, emergency situation, weather, or drops.

There may be other ruggedized tablets that are built to withstand most abuseand they’re more often than not, a pricey investment. Our technology is built for the job and offers the most competitive cost without sacrificing performance and efficiency, helping companies do their best job for their customers.

If youre looking for the perfect tech to gift your business this holiday season, let our experts help you find what you need. Contact us today.

The end of the year is the perfect time to invest in your companys future technology. A gift that will continue to give through the years. As we step into this holiday season, we are grateful to serve our communities and world for those who serve every day. Thank you to all of our clients and partners for the opportunity to work with you.

Minimizing Freight Costs with Dimensioning through Rugged Tablets

The dimensions of a package can make all the difference in shipping costs. Most shipping carriers require exact dimensions to ship a package and if those dimensions arent met, they can reserve the right to charge more or refuse the shipment. As the holiday season approaches and more online spend is being spent in online shopping this year than any other year, ensuring packages have the right dimensions is crucial for getting shipments out on time. 3D technology uses images to aid them with efficient shipping. Now is the time more than ever to take seriously the amount you may be spending on shipping.

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Using 3D Rugged Tablets for Accident Investigation Training

Imagine an innovation that could allow first responders to examine accident sites safely. What if they could examine the damage of an event from a distance? This could allow them the time and strategy for when they do step on site. As per Beach Injury Lawyers, this will potentially limit accidents that could take place as a result of going in blind. Below are the ways the use of drones and rugged tablets could make first responders’ lives less risky.

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