Rugged Tablets for City Planning and Management

A Smart City is a city that uses data and technologies to improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit it. City maintenance teams are hard at work ensuring the infrastructure and appeal of a City remains up-to-date and fully functional. Their main focus on the development and design of its environment is always with a goal of prioritizing public welfare, and there are different ways to make development as some even use easy way to create buildings like using shipping containers to create offices building or other spaces required.

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Solar Power Plant Management Utilizing Rugged Tablets

The expanding concerns of climate change has encouraged organizations and governments alike to seek feasible and renewable energy solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. One of the solutions is solar power systems. Solar power systems are a popular solution for converting readily available and inexhaustible sunlight directly into electricity through solar cells leaving practically no carbon footprint.

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2021 Goals to Utilize Rugged Tablets

Weve reached 2021, and while many aspects of daily life have slowed, technology needs are still increasing. With employers and staff shifting gears in work environments, connections need to be stronger than ever. From durable medical tablets to rugged technology for the military, theres seemingly no limit to what our products at DT Research can do. Here are just a few ways to utilize your own rugged tablet in the new year!

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How Rugged Tablets Sustain Shipping Logistics

Rugged Tablets are an important solution to sustaining the system of Shipping Logistics and keeping up with the demands of each department. Before rugged tablets became an integral tool in shipping and logistics processes, efficient shipping relied on manually tallying and writing documentation for tracking shipments as well as invoices. Once the trucks leave the warehouse, nothing could be changed on the original paperwork, once the package leaves its home base. This increases the chance of errors and mistakes because if the information is entered incorrectly, it could cause significant delays in customers receiving their products.

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Rugged Convertible Laptop Powered by High Capacity Dual Batteries

When our customers speak, we listen. Based on feedback from our customers, we are releasing the new LT300 line of fully-rugged, 360 convertible laptops designed to be versatile, durable, and reliable in various conditions. Specifically designed for the Air Force with a need to utilize the laptop/tablet in confined, small spaces and in the field, this unique design is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions, while also being compact enough to use in tight spaces such as during maintenance of an aircraft.

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