Rugged Medical Tablets: Comprehensive Line

Rugged tablets are designed to be durable in extreme environmental conditions. They are designed to withstand real-world use in a variety of situations, have reliable access to information, and can provide communication from anywhere in real-time. There’s no question that mobile technology is omnipresent in everyday healthcare practices. But why not just choose an off-the-shelf mobile device?

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Manage Manufacturing Shortages and Inventory Accuracy using Rugged Tablets

Supply chain managers are constantly hammered by distractions. They get stuck monitoring on-time deliveries, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and impending shortages. Although there are initiatives from supply chain managers in implementing processes to reduce shortages, save costs, and smooth operations, they are often left feeling frustrated by the challenges of dealing with material shortages, especially over the last year.

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Rugged Convertible Laptop Computers Come in All Sizes

Rugged convertible laptop computers are designed to offer both laptop and tablet functionality all in one flexible device. The design for this rugged, purpose-built machine came from the need of one of our clients who needed a laptop to work from in the office or in the field, but a tablet to work from in small enclosed spaces while maintenance was being conducted on their vehicle fleet. This is part of the reason DT Research is set apart from its competitors – we take the feedback from our customers and design the next product that fits their needs. 

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Rugged Tablets for Renewable Energy Management

In today’s world, the increasing need for energy and factors such as increasing energy costs, limited reserves, and environmental pollution, leads renewable energy to be one of the most attractive energy sources. Since renewable energy sources have an unlimited supply and they do not cause environmental pollution, they are currently being studied extensively and being utilized more and more every day.

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Rugged Tablets: The Complete Mobile Solution for Your Field Workers

Field service organizations depend on rugged tools that can weather any environment and situation, and the same is true for their field computing and communication devices. The field service industry, public utilities, and fleet maintenance and repair services all face the same challenges — difficult weather, tight schedules, real-time communication, and the need for centralized data access and input.

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