Installation Crews Depend on Rugged Technology for Improved Process Flow

In the past installation, crews have depended on paper and pencil to survey, scope, and record progress on installation projects. Written drawings, blueprints, and notes were kept in a pad of paper and later transferred to software on a computer, leaving room for human error, lost paperwork, and delayed timing for project completion.

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City Planning Teams Depend on Rugged Tablets for Job Efficiency

City planning and management teams are responsible for keeping track of utilities crews and maintenance projects around the city to ensure the city, as well as all bridges, utility lines, and sewers, are functioning well. Planning managers are also tasked with planning and overseeing new development projects for the city.

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Medical Grade Tablets Enable Telehealth for Back-to-School Season

As kids all over the country head back to school, healthcare facilities plan to utilize telehealth as a tool for student physicals and health issues that may arise during the school year. Doctor’s offices have had a year and a half to understand how telehealth can be used to treat patients from a distance, while still providing quality care.

Telehealth has become a growing trend in inpatient care that enables healthcare practitioners to treat their patients without them physically needing to come into an office setting. Through video conferencing and picture uploads, patients interact with nurses and doctors to be seen for a variety of ailments and illnesses. In a time when many offices were shut down or wanted to limit human-to-human contact to prevent the spread of COVID; healthcare facilities found telehealth to be the bridge between staying at home and excellent patient care.

As telehealth quickly became the go-to model for treating patients, it was soon realized that healthcare professionals needed medical-grade equipment that allows them to function well virtually. Our medical tablets are being used all over the world to assist with the ever-changing needs of healthcare during this time where patient care is of utmost importance and so is safety.

Medical Tablets for Improved Telehealth

Integrated Cameras

The front-facing and rear-facing cameras enable healthcare professionals to interact with patients through video. Integrated cameras on both sides of a medical tablet allow healthcare professionals can easily show charts and discuss issues from the office while they interact with patients. Medical tablets have a range of screen sizes, from 6-inch for ultimate mobility in the field and 13-inch for clear viewing of x-ray results and video conferencing.


Medical tablets are lightweight and portable. Physicians and nurses can easily carry them into quiet rooms or spaces to treat patients. They could also be carried home should physicians need to work from home due to office closures or limited office hours. Medical tablets offer mobility for patient interfacing so that treating patients can be done seamlessly from any secure location. Medical tablets also come with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities to reduce downtime due to non-connectivity.

Secure Patient Data

Patient privacy and HIPAA requirements to storing patient data are of the utmost importance when investing in technology for treating patients through telehealth services. Medical tablets are fully equipped with integrated CAC readers that provide a layer of additional security, only personnel with credentials that allow them specific access to data on the network can access that part of the network. This provides an extra layer of security for patient data. All of our medical tablets are HIPAA compliant for storing patient data.

Improved Productivity

Hot-swappable batteries make it so that there is little to no downtime during shifts due to a battery losing its charge. Multiple batteries can be charged at once and stored as a backup so that when the battery on the tablet needs to be replaced in the middle of a shift, they are ready to go. During the exchange of the battery, the tablet will stay on and not shut off, so data is not lost as the battery is exchanged. This is a key feature that our tablets provide to keep the staff going.

As school starts back up and student physicals, as well as student injuries and illnesses, resurface from being back in school, medical staff can quickly turn to medical tablets to improve telehealth services and patient care.

First Responders Improve Customer Service with Rugged Tablets

First responders are becoming more reliant on fast technology that enables them to provide more efficient customer service. As times are quickly changing to a need to service more customers while maintaining quality care, durable technology is the answer for real-time communication, more efficient billing processes, and improved patient care from transport to hospital.

Rugged tablets allow first responders to accurately document all interactions upon arrival at the scene, rugged tablets then allow for documentation at the scene and during transport so that hospital staff can connect and fully be aware of the patient’s condition prior to arriving at the facility. Everyone on the network has access to all data entered onto the network for real-time communication that allows faster and improved patient care.

Rugged tablets are durable and reliable with advanced security features that ensure ultimate protection and privacy of patient records. Rugged tablets meet HIPAA compliance standards, with built-in CAC readers to ensure personnel has access only to the files they have the security clearance to access.

Rugged tablets are lightweight and portable for easy transportation at a scene, to be written on, drawn on, or have data entered, it can also easily be transported in a vehicle and used while en route to a facility or location.

Rugged Tablets Provide Multi-Use Functionality

  1. Mounted in an ambulance – when a person has called for an ambulance, oftentimes they need to be worked on while in the vehicle during transport. Rugged tablets offer first responders the ability to log vitals and conditions into the tablet in real-time. During transit, the tablet can be mounted in the back of the ambulance so information can still be put into the network while a patient is being attended to. Hospital staff can be aware of what the conditions are and what has already been done so they are ready for the patient upon arrival and already caught up on the medical condition.
  2. Handheld in the field – Whether a first responder or law enforcement officer needs to use a rugged tablet in the field for attending to a patient or documenting a scene, rugged tablets are portable and lightweight enough to be carried from a vehicle into the field. Thus allowing first responders to have mobility and flexibility to do their job wherever their job takes them.
  3. Mounted in a police car – vehicle mounts for police cars turns the police car into a mobile office. Preventing the impact of vibration and shock from the car, while allowing law enforcement officers to work virtually from their car with ease. Detachable keyboards and easy-release mounts make it simple for the tablet to be taken back into the field to cite traffic violations, or document an accident scene.

“The DT313T tablets have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communications, so we have seamless information capture, retrieval, and transmission from patrol officers back to headquarters. Officers can check plates, scan driver’s licenses, take photos, write reports and check or serve warrants all from the DT313T rugged tablet.” – Major Michael Palmer

Rugged tablets are the durable, reliable technology first responders can count on when they need it the most. From accurate data entry to faster medical billing to improved customer service, DT Research and its partners provide excellent service, hardware that lasts, and software that aids the flexibility for each application and project that needs reliable technology.

Tactical Tablets with Night Vision and Walkie Talkie Communication Aids Military Missions

Mission-critical environments require tactical tablets that can perform in demanding environments while also maintaining a level of privacy during the mission and real-time communication among teams. The newest rugged handheld tablets from our team are designed and manufactured to perform for the mission.

These highly robust, yet compact tablets weighing only one pound are purpose-built for mission-critical environments and designed to secure to a tactical vest for easy access. “These unique handheld tablets showcase our innovative design capabilities to deliver purpose-built mobile solutions for military tactical operations, law enforcement, and other mission-critical field use cases,” said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research.

Walkie Talkie Feature:

The DT361AM and DT361AD tablets provide hands-free walkie-talkie communication, enabling a user to easily speak to many people simultaneously through the built-in speaker/microphones and effectively communicate in noisy environments. This allows for real-time communication when troops are on the ground, to communicate as situational changes occur in real-time. Real-time communication is crucial for real-time decision making, to ensure plans can change as circumstances shift to keep the mission on target.

Night Vision:

When military personnel are deployed into the field, privacy of the devices they are using is crucial. If personnel are looking at a tablet screen and the screen is too bright at night, they can be seen from a distance. On the other hand, if a screen is not bright enough in direct sunlight, important details for the mission could be missed or entered incorrectly. Night vision capabilities offer personnel in the field the ability to utilize a tactical tablet mid-operation without being seen, even by night-vision goggles. Furthermore, the screens can be brightened for us during daylight hours.


Reliability is the key to rugged technology for the military. Should the technology break or stop working mid-mission, everyone on the team and the mission could be compromised. This is why we manufacture rugged tablets that are held to the highest standards. Our tablets are IP65-rated for water and dust resistance and MIL-STD-810H for shock and vibration protection. The DT361AM and DT361AD are tested to operate in environments of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and can be safely stored in temperatures as low as -4 Fahrenheit. We offer hot-swappable batteries for continuous operation 24/7 without the tablet going down due to a dead battery or during the process of the battery being changed. 

Advanced Identification:

Security features are built into these tactical tablets to protect the information stored on the network. A built-in Common Access Card (CAC) reader provides two-factor authentication by matching a user’s smart card with a personal identification (PIN) number. CAC readers also meet the requirements for data encryption and digital signature technologies to provide secure logical access to computer systems and networks. 

When the military needs durable, dependable, rugged technology they can use for mission-critical environments, they turn to DT Research. We listen to their needs, frustrations, and desires based on what they currently do not have from their technology and go back to the “DT lab” to design, build and manufacture tactical tablets that provide robust functionality, with durability they can rely on when they need it the most.

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