Rugged Tablets for Stakeless Construction Projects

With the growing trend in building and improvement of highways and infrastructure, the desire for construction sites to become “stakeless” is in high demand. Purpose-built positioning tablets that inspectors and construction crews may use to run programs that contain GPS locating and 3D modeling technologies that allow them to work faster and smarter while on the site.

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Increase Military Efficiency with Rugged Laptops and Data-Driven Decision-Making

In today’s world, the challenge for military leaders is not the lack of data or information, but the management of a large amount of data and information. This amount of data  often cannot be reviewed by the commander and his staff with the appropriate quality and within the time allotted for decision-making due to its diversity and complexity.

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Manage Military Assets More Efficiently

Military operations are known for their accuracy, efficiency, focus, and precision. Military internal administration, on the other hand, finds it challenging to exhibit the same level of perfection due to the reliance on legacy technology and manual procedures. The deployment of a fully automated, real-time military asset management, tracking, and maintenance solution that provides you complete visibility and control is the best way to achieve the precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that are essential to the success of military internal operations.

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Functionality and Flexibility Found in Rugged Convertible Laptops

Standard laptops are becoming a thing of the past, as newer innovative 2-in-1 convertible laptops provide all the benefits of traditional laptops, but with more flexibility. Convertibles – commonly called 2-in-1s or, somewhat mistakenly, hybrid laptops — are more powerful than tablets while offering greater usability than conventional laptops. They provide the same cutting-edge touchscreen features that owners of those devices have grown to enjoy when used as a tablet. While also, functions as a laptop and offers the keyboard, processing capability, and other capabilities of a more sophisticated PC.

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Rugged Convertible Laptops Transform into Tablets and Easily Convert Vehicles into Mobile Offices

Police, firefighters, and EMS professionals all have unique challenges when it comes to their work tools. They need instant access to critical information due to the fast-paced environment they thrive in, with neither download times nor technical limitations slowing them down. These first responders require the most durable tablet or laptop that can withstand the demanding—and occasionally rough—aspect of their work. With the use of these rugged convertible laptops that transform into tablets with a 360 rotation, they can not only respond faster and make the public safer, but also make better decisions.

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