Rugged Tablets: New Strategy for Military-Technological Innovation

National defense is fundamental in any country that aims to strengthen security and strategy. In pursuing an accurate strategy, the military faces challenges of readying its forces to address a diverse set of threats while at the same time downsizing and restructuring the forces to respond to the defense needs. 

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Rugged Tablets Enhance Cyber Security Efforts for the Military

Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance for military operations. Daily, hundreds of thousands of cyber-attack attempts are made on intel acquired by the military from foreign governments and external intelligence agencies. Mission-critical data must be kept secure across all technology that is used to collect data and information, contingency planning, and deployment schedules.

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Why Big Data is the Military’s Next Big Thing

Data is key for military personnel in charge of making decisions for where to deploy troops, field assignments, and inventory of supplies on the base.  Data-driven decision-making enables military personnel to utilize real-time information to make decisions while personnel are in the field or on the base waiting for assignments. 

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DT361AM Rugged Tablets: The Dependable Device in the Military

Rugged tablets are designed and manufactured for harsh environments, built to withstand outdoor use and extreme temperatures with high reliability for critical applications, especially in the military field. When choosing the most suitable military-grade tablet, there are key considerations for field and base use

Military-grade tablets are not all built equal. To qualify for military-grade, standards must be met in order to be used in the field. Small handheld devices need to pass through a series of tests that qualify them to be military ready. 

Top military rugged tablets are usually designed from the ground up, including the circuitry, operating system, and packaging. The DT361AM military-grade tablet features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, cellular modem, automatic screen rotation and adjustable display brightness control, touchscreen input, internal battery charging, and sensors such as accelerometer and magnetometer. The operating system can be customized to enhance and boot into an application. 

DT Research presents the DT361AM/ DT361AD Rugged Tablet featuring the integration of a 6″ capacitive touch screen and a high performance, energy-efficient Intel® 10th Generation Core™ i processor within a slim, lightweight, durable package. It has a built-in smart card reader/ SD card reader, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth offering seamless information capture and transmission for improved workflow. Rated IP65 and MIL-STD-810G, the DT361AM/ DT361AD Rugged Tablet provide reliable operation in harsh, mission-critical environments.

One of the key differences of the DT361AM tablet is its walkie-talkie communication capability. This feature allows personnel the ability to communicate with each other via immediate verbal communication rather than having to upload data and access the network. Departments such as maintenance and inventory management can talk to each other through this feature to make quick decisions or ask questions for clarification about a needed item. This improves internal communication between personnel in real-time over a secure network. 

The military is constantly evolving its standards and is reflected in its technological advancements and higher standards for communication. DT Research’s DT361AM/ DT361AD Rugged Tablet’s walkie-talkie capability allows for the military to have a closed, secured network, and real-time information sharing. The screen is easy to view in all light environments with optional night vision NVIS function allowing the military to view the screen with the naked eye or with NVGs even in dark environments.

By using rugged tablets and devices within a secure network, military personnel can effectively relay information and minimize manual data dissemination from administration offices to and from deployed field commanders and staff. 

Leveraging State-of-the-Art Technology to Connect Military Operations

Internal military operations can be difficult if proper communication and technology are not implemented to track all projects, field officers, base logistics, and other moving parts of mission-critical advances. The technology used to coordinate efforts both on the base and in the field is crucial for optimal efficiency, real-time communication, and secure data management. 

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