Rugged Tablets for Crash Scene Reconstruction

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Crash scene investigators rely on the accuracy of information from the incident to reconstruct the scene once the debris from the site has been cleaned up. First responders rely on cleaning up the scene with speed in order to restore traffic flow and avoid another accident. There are many details that need to be collected from the location of an accident including pictures, documentation from witnesses, and measurements of the details from the scene.

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Medical Tablets and Medical Cart Computers for Enhancing Telemedicine Capabilities

Telemedicine is a practice within healthcare that has been on the rise over the last few years. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, telemedicine practices are coming to the forefront of medicine with doctors and nurses having more tools and capabilities of diagnosing and prescribing treatments over the phone or through an internet-based visitation.

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Could Cell Phones be the Next Infection Control Outbreak Waiting to Happen?

The rapid growth in the availability of smartphones has not only revolutionized society but also the way we conduct business, especially in medical offices and hospitals. In the landscape of healthcare, one of the biggest issues within a facility is minimizing infection and the risks to healthcare workers, patients, and visitors. Bringing personal smartphone devices from home into a facility is not as cut and dry as improving efficiency or simply allowing the use of personal devices. 

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Rugged Tablets for Traffic Safety

Public safety officials require a portable office that can easily be moved from inside on the desk, to the vehicle, to a traffic stop or accident. Rugged tablets are a lightweight, portable computer that is built to withstand almost any climate or situation. Rugged tablets answer the call of duty for police officers and first responders by being built durable, with a compact design, light enough to carry to a call for documentation purposes.

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Why Rugged Tablets Are the National Guards Top Tactical Device

National Guard soldiers serve both community and country. Their versatility enables them to respond to domestic emergencies, overseas missions, counterdrug efforts, reconstruction missions, and more. Their great responsibility comes in a time of need for the constituents of their country, being deployed during emergency or crisis situations to help distribute supplies or assist with rescue missions during a natural disaster. Rugged tablets have been a significant and valuable part of the militarys strategies for quite some time now. 

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