Reflections of 2022: Thank You, from Us to You!

As this year comes to a close and we reflect back on the last year, it certainly has been full of changes for many industries. With healthcare fully embracing telehealth, the logistics industry investing in advanced technology for process automation and efficiency, and military sectors becoming more invested in technology that meets their needed standards – we realize that everyone is going through some kind of change within their business.

We want to take a moment to say thank you to our partners and customers for continuing to choose DT Research for rugged technology needs. We appreciate you, your trust, and your business.

We are committed to continuing to dedicate our business to yours. As the environment in most industries is ever-changing, we promise to continue to change with you. As your needs grow, we will grow with you.

From continuing to advance the latest technology in the industry which ensure reliability and ruggedness with our products, to listening to customer feedback and making upgrades based on that for future models, our goal is to make the highest quality in rugged technology while also providing the highest quality of service.

  • Thank you to our customers for your trust and for continuing to choose our products and our company as your source for rugged technology.
  • Thank you to our technology partners for continuing to innovate with us as we strive to provide the best solutions for each of our customers.
  • Thank you to our resellers for choosing our products to service your customers, we are grateful for your business.

To each and every one of our partners, resellers, and customers, we know it has been a tough couple of years, but today and every day we want you to know how appreciative we are to work with you.  

For DT Research, toughness isn’t the end game…it is just the starting point; it is the foundation for a purpose that is far-reaching, high achieving, and uniquely defined by organizations.

We know the last two years have been challenging in many ways for businesses across every industry. We appreciate continuing to serve our community through our partnerships. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in DT Research to manufacture hardware that is used across the world providing durable reliable computing for tough and important jobs.

Improve EMS Services with Rugged Medical Tablets

There is more demand than ever for emergency services to speed up response times. Some ambulance crews have reported handover times that are more than 50% longer. Providers of emergency medical services (EMS) are currently searching for innovative solutions to keep costs down while maintaining a high level of service.

DT Research designs and manufactures mobile rugged computers that deliver flexible functionalities and high performance for operational use that are much needed by first responders and emergency medical services.

3 Ways medical rugged tablets improve EMS services:

Uninterrupted connectivity and interaction

A patient care software platform for EMS small mobile solutions, such as an electronic patient card, can be linked with DT Research medical tablets. This application is available directly from the tablet and can be used both online and offline with synchronization afterward. The emergency services can access central systems, which allow them to access up-to-date information at all times, from the time the patient leaves the ward until they pick him or her up and transport them for additional care. The amount of thorough information available has a significant impact on the intervention’s success rate since it enables the selection of the most appropriate procedure in light of the patient’s known medical history.

Hospitals and their emergency rooms must maintain open lines of communication in order to plan the patient’s admittance in a timely and appropriate manner. The rugged medical tablet from DT Research enables the verification of the acquired data in terms of its general validity at the level of identifying data as well as its completeness.

24/7 Power

A hot-swappable battery system used in DT Research medical tablets permits battery swaps without powering down. Each tablet comes equipped with an external battery that can be swiftly removed while the tablet is still in use and replaced with a fully charged battery.

The result is that the computer may run constantly during the course of a shift without ever shutting down, neither interfering with patient care nor losing data. Additional batteries can be fully charged and kept on standby to reduce or totally eliminate downtime for healthcare professionals during a busy emergency situation.

Quick-release docking station

Every minute counts when providing immediate care in emergency situations. Ambulance paramedics/emergency medical technicians (EMTs), fire, and first responders are able to utilize lightweight, rugged tablets designed to assess and prepare for patient needs prior to scene arrival. The rugged medical tablets are mounted in efficient locations in the ambulance and can be quickly removed with a snap mount release. Utilizing the patient care software for emergency medicine, the tablets can improve care in the field and in the interior of the ambulance – also allowing for a quick and easy snap mount near the seat, walls, cabinets, or counter. Finally, the use of lighter-weight rugged tablets by paramedics speeds up the transfer of care to the hospital.  

First Responders Use Rugged Tablets for Dispatched Calls

Rugged tablets have been making their way into new industries as the technology of choice over the last several years. One of those industries is the field of healthcare and first responders. As both of these fields have seen an influx of patients, with a need to work faster and more efficiently in the field in order to keep up with the high demand, rugged tablets emerge as a technology that meets the requirements. 

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Rugged Tablet with Fingerprint Scanning for Added Security

One of the most popular ways to safely access our accounts or gadgets has been through passwords. However, as new technologies have developed, it has become increasingly common for other biometric techniques to take their place. The fingerprint reader is without a doubt the most popular and in-demand of these technologies.

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GNSS Tablets: The Reliable Partner of Law Enforcement Officers

Traditionally, crime scene processing has involved manual measurements to construct diagrammatic representations of crime scenes. This requires a lot of work and time, and it may not produce an accurate depiction of a scene.

It takes time to factually map a crime scene. It sometimes takes the longest and is the most laborious element of an investigation. But making a precise layout helps to keep track of the placement of the evidence and helps to put it into perspective, as well as be used later on to determine what happened. Diagrams can accurately depict scale and distance in a manner that photographs frequently cannot.

Over time, specifically made rugged tablets have been developed with capabilities for particular jobs that can reduce costs and time while producing better results. Additionally, forensic mapping and scene investigation has recently undergone a revolution thanks to the development of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rugged tablets.

Scientifically reliable readings are now feasible with the GNSS tablets. These tough tablets can give centimeter-level measurement accuracy at a fraction of the expense and time of traditional land surveying tools. This increases the safety of first responders at accident scenes, natural disasters, and crime scenes.

The DT301Y-TR and DT382GL-TR Rugged GNSS Tablets are compact, military-grade tablets with 10”/8” touch screens designed specifically for use with GIS mapping applications. Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation, increases the accuracy of position data obtained via satellite-based positioning systems. This provides centimeter-level accuracy, these special tablets make it possible to create 3D Point Clouds, which satisfies the strict criteria needed to provide scientific evidence in court.

The DT301Y-TR and DT382GL-TR are military-grade with an IP65 rating, yet lightweight – allowing the versatility to be utilized in the field, office, and cars. These tablets have a dual-frequency GNSS module that utilizes nearby real-time reference points. Positioning 3D point clouds made from aerial photogrammetry with GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and GALILEO receivers requires an accuracy of 1 to 2 centimeters. Users can connect to an external antenna for more reliable receiving and survey-grade precision, or they can measure with the RTK GNSS location directly using a foldable antenna.

Below are the features and capabilities of the DT301Y-TR and DT382GL-TR Tablets that have been purpose-built for precision mapping in a variety of environments: 

  • Dual Frequency GNSS Module – GNSS L1 & L2 RTK that receives GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and GALILEO signals up to 372 channels with RMS 10 mm + 1ppm accuracy.
  • High-Performance CPU and Windows OS – Intel® 8th Generation Core i5 or i7/Pentium® Silver quad-core processor with Microsoft  Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise. Tablets come with either 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM.
  • Brilliant Sunlight-readable Display – A 10.1-inch/8-inch LED-backlight, sunlight-readable high-brightness screen with capacitive touch and 1920 x 1200/1280×800 resolution.
  • Superior Wireless Connectivity – Long-Range Class 1 BT powers connectivity up to 1000 feet and 4G mobile broadband for LTE, HESPA+, GMS/GPRS/EDGE, EV-DO, Rev A, and 1xRTT.
  • Superior Storage – For ideal field data collecting, the tablets can store up to 1 Terabyte of data.
  • Military Standards – For use in harsh environments, the tablets are fully ruggedized to meet the highest durability standards with an IP65 rating, MIL-STD-810G for vibration and shock resistance, and MIL-STD-461F for EMI and EMC tolerance.
  • High Capacity Hot-Swappable Battery Pack – Delivers 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous mobile communications.
  • Accessories – The GNSS Tablets are complemented by a variety of accessories, including external antennas, pole mount cradles, detachable keyboards, battery charging kits, and digital pens.

By utilizing these rugged tablets with GNSS, law enforcement personnel can obtain the necessary measurements to recreate crime scenes in legal settings with precise accuracy to meet the requirements of the rules of evidence. They can more swiftly collect and interpret three-dimensional data to improve public safety in circumstances when it could otherwise be compromised.