3 Reasons Police Departments Love DT Research Rugged Tablets

Reviews are in, police departments love DT Research rugged tablets for on-duty fieldwork. 

When finding that our purpose-built tablets are being used by the US Navy, police departments feel comfortable knowing that DT Research rugged tablets are built military tough and that they can be an asset to a police department.

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Rugged Tablets Aid the Trend of E-construction

The use of rugged tablets is the new trend in field service businesses and construction companies. It used to be that a pad of paper and pencil were the way to document progress on the job site. With the invention of purpose-built tablets for construction, rugged tablets are making it easier to document and process tasks while reducing the human error of transfer from paper to the computer.  Tablets are more in demand than ever in the field service industry and understandably so.

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Tie the Knot to Support Our Veterans

We’re looking forward to attending the WEST 2020, where military personnel come together to learn about current and future naval platforms and technologies.

This is the third year we are supporting our veterans at the show by donating to the Wounded Warrior project, with our #TietheKnot Campaign. Here is how it works:

  1. Attendees of the show stop by our booth #2119 and participate in “tying a Knot” – how fast can you tie the knot? What kind of knot can you tie?
  2. For every “knot” tied at our booth we will donate $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

***But wait, there’s more… this year we’ve added a twist! If you have visited our booth in prior years and tied a knot to help wounded warriors, we’re doubling down! We’ll donate double the amount for visiting us multiple years in a row. Just tell us your name and we will donate $10 instead of $5!

Here at DT Research, we support our military by manufacturing purpose-built tablets that are mission durable. This is one more way we can serve those who serve our country.

If you’re attending WEST 2020 – be sure to visit our booth 2119 and bring a friend or two. Participate in our #TietheKnot campaign and be a part of helping Wounded Warriors.

3 Reasons the US Navy Depends on DT Research Rugged Tablets

Rapid and reliable information networks are essential for today’s highly mobile and dynamic military operations. Mobile information technology provides capabilities that are vital for both projection and protection.

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Rugged Tablet Eases Fleet Processes

The trucking business is a tough industry, stiff competition, rising fuel costs, and increasing demand for customer satisfaction all contribute to increased demands for companies operating fleets that ships products. Long hours and delayed travel can lead to logistical nightmares in the trucking industry. Rugged tablets are the answer to real-time communication issues, simplifying processes and improving the efficiency of tracking shipments in this industry. From tracking cargo the moment it enters the yard, to the very moment it leaves the warehouse, rugged tablets are an essential tool to streamline the operation of a trucking business.

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