Rugged Tablets and GIS Data A Perfect Match

The tech of the future is here, and its called GIS. Geographic information systems were developed for quick and easy access to information in situations when data was difficult to portray outside of a 3D representation, and mobility was a prime factor. When combined with the tablets (rugged tablets and GNSS tablets), the functionality of GIS exploded, and now the technology is used across a dizzying number of verticals and industries.

GIS and Windows

Currently, most of the GIS software is designed for Windows operating systems, removing the worry about security with Android, and its integration with Windows based tablets has opened up a whole new level of efficacy for workflow mobility. Instead of simple data acquisition, GIS applications implemented on a Windows OS simplify complex data analysis and can centralize disparate map collections. Business planning can be taken beyond basic engineering, and lend new vision and breadth to logistical modeling. The result is a proactive approach to asset management.

Rugged Tablets vs. Consumer Grade Tablets

While GIS is gradually available on certain consumer grade tablets, upgrading to a rugged tablet saves considerable costs down the road when it comes to updates and replacements. Rugged tablets and GIS can work together to capture critical data and allow access from various mobile points in critical situations or unfavorable conditions. Data capture modules, extreme mobility, and superior durability are key benefits of choosing rugged tablets over consumer grade models.

Task Specific Applications

GIS applications used by service personnel in inclement weather conditions or hazardous environments need to be embedded in devices that can stand up to the strain. Consumer grade tablets simply arent built to withstand the kind of repeated cold, heat, and shock of dropping / falling. The built-in highly accurate positioning engine is also an advantage to a rugged tablet. It provides up to centimeter-grade positioning while the other tablets only offer meter-grade positioning. The ability to connect to other peripheral equipment is also vital, and rugged tablets can offer True Serial Port or RJ45 I/O connectivity for diagnostic testing and other tasks.

Leveraging GIS via Rugged Tablets in the Field

GIS data can be specifically useful in the field in situations that include spread of a vector, tactical response execution, land and water resource tracking and management, and utility infrastructure expansion, to name just a few. Rugged tablets and GNSS tablets provide data access, analysis, continuity, and solution scalability that supports meaningful implementation of GIS functionality.

Most mobile PC manufacturers simply dont ensure compliance with GIS standards or compatibility with GIS software. Rugged tablets and GNSS tablets make sure the hardware and software sync correctly for a device that more than proves its usefulness giving mobile data access another much needed boost.