Rugged Tablets and Smart Manufacturing The Connection

As technology continues to advance, it becomes apparent that smart manufacturing hinges on mobility. Rugged tablets have a pivotal role to play in the warehouses of the future, thanks to their durability, mobility, advanced technology, and convenience.

Rugged tablets are a lightweight, durable alternative to traditional portable computers; with a sensitive large touch screen and flexible Windows operating system, they provide full workable experiences instead of a scaled down performance that doesnt meet industrial needs. By providing the functionalities of a desktop or laptop in a handheld device, plus robust computing systems and plenty of applications that can replace half a dozen or more separate devices in one multifunctional tool, rugged tablets are here to stay.

Mobile computing devices such as high powered rugged tablets can arm your workforce with real-time access to data they require to work smarter and faster in an industry 4.0 environment. When manufacturing applications are standardized across mobile devices, worker productivity goes up and system development, maintenance, and deployment costs go down.

As more and more workers in the manufacturing workforce can be described as information workers, the need for handheld devices will continue to rise. Since the ultimate success of a manufacturer depends on the efficiency of a multifaceted workforce, rugged tablets make perfect sense; those on the warehouse and/or manufacturing floor can handle complex data entry and inventory tracking in real time while communicating with each other.

In addition, tablets can be used to fully automate certain processes, leading many manufacturers to delve deeper into completely worker safe lines where tablets direct the machinery and workers direct the tablets.

Rugged tablets also perform well in many conditions they are put through rigorous testing including drop testing, exposure to shock, pressure, high and low temperatures, humidity, solar radiation, and harsh environmental conditions including rain, ice, freezing rain, sand and dust. Fully rugged tablets have the best resistance to outside conditions, and can be used to run the manufacturing lines of the future, performing well in high or low temps or dusty conditions.

The durable design and portability of each rugged tablet is matched with superior computing power to profitably equip every member of the workforce. In addition, the devices can be used by managers to monitor and assist their workforce from any location, assessing productivity, monitoring work in progress and tracking time and attendance.

Rugged tablets make it possible to manage a cohesive manufacturing operating in the smartest way possible, regardless of how large a workforce is employed or where they are physically stationed.