Rugged Tablets Bring New Safety to Construction Workers

The construction industry, despite hundreds of years of advances in technology, remains one of the most dangerous in the world. The multiple risks on the job site include countless moments during each act of labor that can put a worker at risk. Most of the mitigating measures in place are physical better gear, better machinery, better protective clothing and boots, gloves, and goggles.

However, technology is finally coming up with more ways to help than the purely physical and rugged tablets can now go a long way towards making a construction site safer for workers in the industry.

How do Rugged Tablets Differ from Consumer Tablets?

A rugged tablet might seem essentially the same as the other tablet computers that are on the consumer market. However, a closer look reveals there is more here than just a more rugged case the entire tablet is designed to endure harsh environments. Rugged tablet design has been enhanced in order to keep devices functioning properly in rough conditions such as those present on a construction job site. A rugged tablet simply doesnt have the same risk of leaving workers in a lurch.

You can expect to see the following on a rugged tablet:

  • A tough, tightly sealed outer casing designed to keep out dust, water, and other contaminants

  • Large, glare free display screens that are easy to read in both high and low light, and have stylus and even fingertip writing functionality

  • Rugged external cases that are designed to withstand vibration, being dropped, or subjected to other types of stressors

  • Strategically-placed buttons that make them easier to use one handed or in less than ideal conditions

How can Rugged Tablets Help on Construction Sites?

Devices can be used for construction purposes in the following ways:

  • Piles of thick manuals can be saved as txt/PDF files in a slim and rugged tablet

  • Workers or inspectors can share and view plans using AutoCAD or similar applications

  • Builders can add notes on top of a 2-dimensional image, and share the results

  • Subcontractors can conduct material audits, review punch lists and approve submittals

In addition, rugged tablets can contribute to a safer environment for everyone on the site; for example, if one worker is absent, another with the correct skill sets and qualifications can be found and moved into position. Theres no worrying about whether or not the individual is qualified based on word of mouth. Having the right person who is least likely to cause an accident or incur an injury can be priceless when there are deadlines to meet. This means no weak links on an existing job site.

Rugged tablets also allow for men to give safety updates before before beginning work with a new crew. Projects updates can be quickly sent out, and last minutes drawing changes can be quickly distributed to all team leaders. Instructions for emergency first aid and evacuation procedures can also be stored for reference in time of need, and each workers pertinent medical details can be stored for fast access by medical personnel and a more effective response to workplace injuries.

Rugged tablets are a benefit to many verticals, and the construction industry is only now beginning to tap the amazing range of features available.