Rugged Tablets and Your Salesforce – Five Benefits You Can Count On

tablets-and-your-salesforce-five-benefits-you-can-count-onMobile sales forces and fast paced retail locations are implementing rugged tablets as a durable, mobile option that brings more to the table than just a rugged case and an impact resistant shell. Rugged tablets can improve staff and customer interactions at every step of the sales funnel, increasing the odds of a successful transaction and providing a customer service experience that exceeds expectations.

Five key benefits of rugged tablet implementation for sales teams include:

  • Digital catalogs. These are invaluable for the mobile salesforce, allowing instant visual confirmation of various products and permitting customers to double check on sizes, colors, and styles in real time. Large screens with vivd color resolution and anti-reflection surfaces provide an enhanced experience.
  • Inventory / product detail checks. Remote conformation of stocked products, quick checks for closest sources in the case of an out of stock item, and detail confirmations for customers with questions also benefit the away sales team. On-location retail employees can also use built-in barcode scanners and RFID readers to double check pricing and correctly identify and apply promotions.

  • Real-time ordering. Sales can be made on the spot with the ability to build an order, double check inventory, apply discounts, and arrange shipping if required. Customer side data can be quickly and safely captured and relayed, and receipts generated as needed.
  • Mobile checkout. Payment can be accepted and verified on the spot with an EMV smart card reader and encrypted MSR. Signature capture with a stylus gives the customer a familiar sense of security, and pin input allows for two step verification for an extra layer of security.
  • Face to face communication. The ability to touch base with a manager or technician while on the road or on the sales floor lets spur of the moment questions be answered with apps that allow actual face-to-face contact and this further increases customer trust and appreciation of the services provided.

Rugged tablets add professionalism and speed to every transaction, improving efficiency, productivity, and sales numbers. Transactions can be completed anywhere, from the retail floor to the trade show booth to the customers location.

Time and money from lost sales can be avoided with tighter, real-time inventory control, reduced out-of-stocks, and customer side issues can be quickly resolved on the spot. Expedited check-outs impress customers; in crowded retail situations, digital payment customers can be pulled out of line and rapidly serviced, reducing wait times.

Adding rugged tablets to on-floor and on-road sales employees toolkits is a smart move from any standpoint, from ROI to enhanced customer satisfaction.