US Air Force Use Rugged Tablets for Mission-Critical Applications

In the military, the technology that is relied on both on and off base is crucial for ensuring the success of missions, as well as inventory and vehicle management. Personnel responsible for tracking the moving parts of base logistics need rugged, durable computers that have additional security features built-in but that can also integrate with mission-critical applications.

Military personnel of the Air Force choose rugged tablets manufactured by DT Research because they know that are built with the technology they can rely on; that means, ultra-rugged systems that are designed from the start to meet the most demanding operational conditions. Military-grade computers and displays, is just like any other tool or device needed to aid the roles of service members, thus improving operational efficiency on and off base.

Below are a few of the reasons why rugged tablets are the best device for Air force operations:

Size and security

Rugged tablets are designed to combine easy portability but with the features, performance, connectivity, and operating system of a laptop. The U.S Air Force can use rugged tablets for mission planning or on the base to improve logistics. Rugged tablets for the military are flexible and can be taken into an aircraft, and also used on base for inventory and vehicle management.

In addition, rugged tablets can be used for in-flight logistics as one of the most efficient ways to transfer communication from one person to another because of their portability and real-time communication features. Personnel with access to the network can access information on the network, ensuring the ultimate in security by only allowing specific credentials access.

Aircraft Aid

U.S. Air Force personnel can also take advantage of rugged tablets when it comes to aircraft maintenance. In the hangar or maintenance depot, or in any location, maintenance personnel can find information needed to maintain an aircraft and order needed parts directly on the tablet or check the correct manual instructions needed to repair the aircraft on-site finishing the job in a shorter time. Military-grade tablets can also be used to track and schedule maintenance requests as well as log when an aircraft is out of use and also when it is ready to use again, making it seamless to manage fleet inventory.


Rugged tablets are highly reliable and durable, built to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, dusty environments, and high vibrations. Military-grade tablets are built with capacitive touch screens that have extreme screen brightness for daytime use in the sun or night vision feature for environments where the rugged tablet needs to be undetected.

DT Researchs military rugged tablets are integrated with many data capture options that can be relied upon by Air Force teams who organize and deliver cargo and personnel on the base responsible for receiving necessary supplies. With easy access to data organizational systems, rugged tablets can hold detailed documentation of inventory as well as quickly integrate new data in real-time whether its the addition or subtraction of inventory.

Military-grade tablets are a clear solution for Air Force operations and communication.