Why Big Data is the Military’s Next Big Thing

Data is key for military personnel in charge of making decisions for where to deploy troops, field assignments, and inventory of supplies on the base.  Data-driven decision-making enables military personnel to utilize real-time information to make decisions while personnel are in the field or on the base waiting for assignments. 

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Rugged Tablets Data Functionalities for Military Operations

Rugged Tablets are a product of advanced technology that assists in making work life more convenient by streamlining workloads and reducing mistakes. They are also designed to be versatile, durable, and reliable in various conditions from extreme heat to extreme cold. These features are very important in sustaining military operations. As the world is transitioning to new technology, here are some of the ways that rugged tablets help provide military operations.

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How Rugged Tablets Enhance Security and Mission Readiness for the Military

National defense is a fundamental part in sustaining the security of the country. To overcome any military threats, it is necessary to upgrade technology that is up-to-date with the latest in data breach prevention and CAC reader technology for on-base security. Using rugged tablets offers a new generation of convenience and advanced technology that can help in maintaining reliability and support to be a step ahead of adversities to overcome.

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Rugged Tablets for the Military: The Navys Trusted Technology

The navy requires a rugged tablet that has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities with an option to be online when needed. They require a durable, tablet that delivers superior performance and reliability even in harsh and hazardous conditions. Rugged tablets for military use ensures that no matter where their missions take them, military personnel have high-performance computing power at their fingertips.

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Rugged Tablets for Tracking Marine Deployment

Marines are a branch of the military that is known to be one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. Deployed to some of the most intense and serious situations in the world, on US Navy ships, to protect naval bases, to guard US embassies, and to provide quick force to protect US interests in the world.

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