Enhanced Safety and Communication for Air Force with Purpose-Built Rugged Tablets

Since September 18th, 1947, the Air Force has held the responsibility of military aviation for our country and has stood as an integral part of the United States protection. Since its conception, the Air Force has constantly aimed to employ the best technology available and climbed higher and higher in tactical and strategic dominance. Due to their constant pursuit of innovative technology, the United States Air Force is currently the largest, most capable, and most technologically advanced air force in the world. With every new year, this important branch of our armed forces search for upgraded technology to meet the ever-growing demands of an unpredictable and now, data-driven and cyber-based, world.

The 2019 Air Force Information Technology and Cyberpower Education and Training Event (AFITC), held in Montgomery, Alabama this year, is one of the many ways in which the air force grows and improves in their technological reach. The AFITC is an information technology/cybersecurity conference and trade show event that connects the Air Force, Department of Defense officials, and other members of the federal, state, and local government with private industry and government contractors with the goal of equipping the Air Force with the knowledge of and access to the best on the market. This event offers a variety of training sessions for attendees as well as provides a unique opportunity for private vendors and developers to connect with government IT officials who shape policy and make critical decisions in these fields. 

As a leader in rugged tablet technology, we are happy to be sharing the benefits of our military-grade tablets with AFITC and other decision-makers within the military.

Rugged tablets allow the needed transformation to a data-driven, digital Air Force

In todays high-functioning digital world, data is everything — data is the competitive advantage for all military operations. When a critical mission is occurring thousands of feet in the air, accurate and accessible data can become the sole catalyst for success and safety of those executing the mission.

DT Researchs military-grade tablets are designed to enable real-time data for all aspects within Air Force operations. When it comes to the shipment of necessary supplies, the ability to check on the current status of an order, receive real-time updates on shipments, accurately track the route of current orders, and have access to the estimated time of arrival is vital to the safety and survival of all Air Force members, especially those currently in the field. Rugged tablets allow the Air Force to ensure that necessary supplies are received in the right place and at the right time by the hard-working Airmen. Military-grade tablets also enable sergeants who are at the base to receive real-time data about whats happening in the field. This is critical for the success of the mission and the safety of the members involved. 

With rugged tablets in the hands and planes of airmen and rugged tablets with the sergeants at base, data transfers between the office and the field occur immediately and can be trusted to be the most recent sent. This accuracy substantially improves decision making by providing all members of the team with real-time data and constant open lines of communication between members of the team as well as with other teams who play a role in the success of the mission. The lines of communication transfer securely and should anything happen to the tablet in the field it can be wiped remotely to protect all data that was transmitted during the time of the mission. In the field, it is necessary that teams are able to share important information in a secure manner that could affect safety and/or success and coordinate together so no mishaps between groups occur.

A managerial aspect, yet very important to a smooth operation is updates on fleet maintenance, rugged tablets allow engineers and team leaders to track and communicate information about fleet maintenance including parts needed, when maintenance has been performed, aircraft inspections reporting, refueling of trucks and jets, etc. Keeping the aircraft in pristine condition is key for keeping the Airmen as safe and in control as possible as they are doing their duty. 

Rugged tablets aid in defense against cyber threats

A new battlefield that the Air Force is fighting is a cyber one. Cyber attacks are arguably one of the top threats to the Air Forces safety as well as their ability to secure unimpeded access to their cyber network. It is more crucial now than ever that the Air Force is equipped with technology that can handle serious cyber threats. Military-grade tablets are designed with high-level cyber protection in mind. The rugged tablets can be loaded with windows-compatible programs that can effectively defend against cyberattacks. With 100% trust in the safety of their data and communications, the Air Force can operate without fear of being seen, heard, or having their information stolen.

As well, there is another new layer of cyber protection that DT Research has installed into the purpose-built rugged tablets — a CAC card reader that provides an important access authentication step so that only intended individuals can access the data on the tablet. 

In todays digital and cyber world, the Air Force needs technology that can operate in real-time, technology that allows constant communication and access to data, and full protection against cyber threats. DT Researchs rugged tablets are built to meet all of these needs and give the Air Force competitive advantage in any mission and on every field.