DT Research New Convertible Rugged Tablet LT300 Line

Advanced technology makes our lives more convenient by making tasks easier and faster. A progressive technology helps an individual to be more productive. The LT300 line of rugged tablets brings advanced technology to make work easier and gives an increased chance of success because of better efficiency and improved communication.

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Rugged Tablets for Tracking Marine Deployment

Marines are a branch of the military that is known to be one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. Deployed to some of the most intense and serious situations in the world, on US Navy ships, to protect naval bases, to guard US embassies, and to provide quick force to protect US interests in the world.

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Expanding Military Productivity with RFID Technology

Military personnel has a continuous need to improve the efficiency and productivity of internal operations in order to stay accurate, flexible, and sustainable. As a dynamic, rapidly moving force,  if operational efficiency is compromised there could be significant delays and downtime in supplies and inventory. It is crucial to have technology that assists with keeping everything flowing seamlessly in a secure manner.

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Rugged Tablets Help Air Force Work Securely and Efficiently

The number and variety of physical and digital assets that government agencies and companies need to keep secure continue to grow, said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research.

Everyday Air Force personnel must effectively monitor, track, and report information about multiple tasks happening on base and in the field. Tracking inventory, maintenance schedules, fleet management, supplies, and logistics for deployments are among the few items that need to be monitored on a daily basis. It is crucial each team member has technology that helps them improve the efficiency of the job, but also help them track the required items in a secure and effective manner.

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Military-Grade Tablets Stand the Test of Time and Environments

As we move into a rapidly evolving digital information age, numerous teams in any given industry rely on data to inform decisions made within the organization. Big Data Analytics is the complex process of examining large amounts of data to uncover information — such as hidden patterns, correlations, market trends, and customer preferences, this data helps organizations make informed decisions.

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