Rugged Tablets for Stakeless Construction Projects

With the growing trend in building and improvement of highways and infrastructure, the desire for construction sites to become “stakeless” is in high demand. Purpose-built positioning tablets that inspectors and construction crews may use to run programs that contain GPS locating and 3D modeling technologies that allow them to work faster and smarter while on the site.

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Utilities of the Future Rely on Purpose-Built Technology Designed for their Needs

The future of utilities relies heavily on the innovation of technological advances and digitization of the industry. Utilities of the future are designed with smart technology to assist in the development, management, and maintenance of the utilities in a way that requires less labor-intensive hours and can be operated remotely. A future-focused utility provides reliable, safe, inclusive, transparent, and responsive services through best-fit practices that allow it to operate in an efficient, resilient, innovative, and sustainable manner.

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Rugged Tablets: Invaluable Tool for Smart City Management

Designing a smart city means the development, infrastructure, and management utilizes technology to make their cities more self-aware, automated, and efficient. Smart City promises a combination of technology paired with physical infrastructure and services that improves the lives of residents. The concept is the result of the consistently growing Internet of Things (IoT), with transportation, and utilities among the many areas being affected.

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Durable and Reliable Rugged Tablets are the Game Changer for Crime Scene Investigations

For many years crime scene investigations have relied on accurate reporting from the location to ensure a crime scene reconstructionist and law enforcement can digitally redesign the scene. the accuracy of the documentation, images, and reports collected from the scene is of high importance in order to be able to tell what happened at the scene and must be collected in a way that it can stand up in court as proof of what took place at the scene. 

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Rugged Tablets for Traffic Safety

Public safety officials require a portable office that can easily be moved from inside on the desk, to the vehicle, to a traffic stop or accident. Rugged tablets are a lightweight, portable computer that is built to withstand almost any climate or situation. Rugged tablets answer the call of duty for police officers and first responders by being built durable, with a compact design, light enough to carry to a call for documentation purposes.

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