Efficient City Transportation is Key to a Productive City

Subways, buses, and trains are essential to every major citys infrastructure and way of life. When one way of commuting through the city is delayed or shut down, the entire city feels the slowdown. Workers run late, offices cant function properly and on time, residents are delayed, and city functions come to a halt. Therefore, city planners and transportation employees must appropriately plan for, execute and track scheduled maintenance, repairs and employee time off to ensure the city runs optimally.

Transportation repairs for subways and trains must take place during off-peak hours, while maintenance of fleets must be scheduled intermittently to avoid unnecessary closures and downtime for city residents. Efficiency is the most important factor when it comes to fleet management and maintenance needs. City employees who are responsible for ensuring all transportation measures of the city-run flawlessly are under pressure to track and manage all processes.

The use of rugged tablets for fleet management and maintenance of city transportation can improve all functions across the board. Rugged tablets provide real-time communication between workers in-the-field, office personnel, and management. When repairs need to be done to a city bus, for example, office personnel can put in a request and track the entire process from start to finish in real-time with the repair team. Updates about the progress from repair teams are documented so all parties can see what step the repair is in. Management teams are able to track the project while also being alerted to major issues along the way. Rugged tablets simplify processes both in the office and in the field.

Subways, trains, and buses can be managed through the same system as maintenance and repairs to ensure all data is current and communicated to the appropriate team members. If a bus is going to be out longer than expected, city employees can plan appropriately and document accordingly. This reduces downtime, lack of communication, and human error.

Rugged tablets are built to withstand many weather conditions from extreme hot to extreme cold and everything in between. Harsh environments do not affect the usage of rugged tablets in conditions where there is a need for tough technology in order to complete the job. Rugged tablets are also built to withstand road vibration and rigorous use in extreme situations. Rugged tablets are rugged enough to withstand extreme conditions and rough environments without fear of damaging the device. Work can be completed in dusty environments as well where repairs may be taking place. 

Route Optimization
Rugged tablets are built with GPS navigation which allows bus drivers to receive updates as well as report back to headquarters about route changes, traffic, and delays in real-time. A rugged tablet has a map integration with step-by-step instructions so bus drivers, subway and train operators can follow real-time updates directly from the tablet. Route changes can be pushed to the device in real-time to ensure the most efficient routes are taken and drivers can receive alternative route suggestions to remain on-time schedules. Locking dockable stations secure the tablet during transit for optimal efficiency while in use.

Hot-Swappable Batteries
Avoid downtime from low batteries with the hot-swappable battery feature that our rugged tablets provide. This feature allows batteries to be swapped out without the tablet turning off during the exchange. Extra batteries can be fully charged and ready to go in the multi-bay chargers and then switched to avoid any downtime from an expired battery.  

Rugged tablets are the solution for transportation logistics and communication, allowing all parties to be in-the-know while improving the efficiency of all parts of the job.