Local Governments Integrate the Use of Rugged Tablets for Utility Maintenance

City planners and local government leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance city programs. For many cities tracking the progress of utility maintenance around the city can be a bit cumbersome. For many years tracking the updates of utilities around the city has been done by sending men/women into various parts of the city to check on pipes that need repairs or maintenance, utility lines that need to be installed or repaired and water plant maintenance. The information is documented by a pad of paper and pencil and then taken back to the office and entered into a computer system, leaving room for human error as well as additional labor and manpower. 

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Improving Turnover Rates with Implementation of Rugged Tablets

Similar to any service-based industry, restaurants are ever-changing and constantly adjusting to current trends and new innovations in the marketplace. What distinguishes restaurants from other industries, however, is how quickly they can implement new trends in their business as well as how strategic, sometimes small changes have a significant positive impact on the growth of the business. Following the successful execution of a new trend or change, a restaurant can easily go from unknown to the next must-try spot practically overnight.

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Three Reasons Project Leaders Need Rugged Tablets for their Toughest Construction Projects

Construction projects are an incredibly intricate and complex undertaking that require hours upon hours of manual labor and even more time planning, coordinating, and communicating with all involved team members. Professionals in this industry know that the manual work is only a fraction of the effort that goes into the completion of a project.

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Logistics GNSS Mapping – Asset Management

GNSS, or Global Navigation Satellite System, provides independent geospatial positioning that is the ideal technology for logistics and location-based service sectors. GNSS mapping also delivers the necessary technology for smarter logistics and asset management planning, from fleet supervision to delivery scheduling and GPS routing. Not only will DT tablets reduce overhead costs, but they will provide corporations and clients with improved access to facilities.

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Investigating with Digital Forensics Enabled Rugged Tablets

DT Research continues to develop powerful new tools such as scientific-grade GNSS and integrated RTK positioning tablets for digital forensics use in the field. Such purpose-built tablets are effectively transforming how forensic mapping and collision reconstruction are handled in the field, allowing investigators to utilize and enhance the precision of position data that is derived from satellite-based positioning systems.

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