3 Focus Areas of Rugged Tablets for Public Safety Officials

It is the duty and responsibility of public safety workers to protect and aid the wellbeing of the community. This industry includes medical and health professionals, law enforcement officers, emergency management directors, paramedics, and medical technicians, who have taken an oath and carry the duty to protect and serve their neighborhoods. Their roles and responsibilities range between a variety of daily activities to ensure their community is safe, to protect citizens, ensure peace, and provide a sense of security to their neighborhoods. 

When public safety officials are in-the-field they rely on tools, accessories, and technology that enhances their ability to complete the job faster, more efficiently, and with increased results. These are a few of the reasons we design and manufacture rugged tablets for public safety officials.

3 Focus Areas of Rugged Tablets for Public Safety Officials:

Data Collection: For crash scene investigations, crash site reconstructionists, and public safety teams, data collection of an accident scene is crucial. The data that is collected during the investigation and clean-up process must be reliable to stand up in court if needed, with precise accuracy in measurements. Once the scene is cleaned up, forensic investigators can revisit the data collected at the scene to reconstruct the crash site. Rugged tablets for public safety officials integrate with tablet accessories that are capable of quickly documenting all the parts of a scene so that officials can reopen traffic routes and reduce the risk of causing another accident during the time it takes to document and process the scene. 

Using a rugged tablet to integrate the use of drones for aerial footage documentation and the 3D RealSense camera that directly communicates with the software on the tablet to build a rendering, capture images and recreation measurements with 1-2 centimeters of accuracy, both reduces human error and saves lives. 

Digital Forensic Mapping: Processing a scene is now completed within minutes instead of hours when public safety officials use a rugged tablet that offers digital forensic mapping. Utilizing a purpose-built tablet during the process of documenting and cleaning up a scene takes a fraction of the time required to resume traffic flow than when the previous survey methods are conducted. Thus, making the process safer, less expensive, and provides more accurate data. Once data is collected, it is stored for later use and can be accessed by anyone on the network who may be working on reconstructing the scene.

Portability and Functionality: Public safety officials appreciate using rugged tablets during their day-to-day operations because they are portable and can effortlessly be taken from the vehicle into the field and back to the office. The lightweight and easy to carry design makes them the ideal computing tool for fieldwork, including one-handed carry ability, and ultimate usability with a range of accessories such as a light, durable carrying case.

Rugged tablets are built tough to withstand all types of climates and include a sunlight-readable display that provides clear visibility in almost any weather condition.Accessories can be added to use with the tablet such as a digital pen, detachable keyboard, or vehicle mount ensuring precise and flexible data collection and placement capabilities that makes the rugged tablet the perfect portable device for the car, office, and in-the-field.

The ability to collect accurate, scientifically, and legally defensible data in a fraction of the time formerly possible, drives down costs and time invested on the scene while delivering superior results and increased safety.