Rugged Tablets for City Planning and Management

A Smart City is a city that uses data and technologies to improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit it. City maintenance teams are hard at work ensuring the infrastructure and appeal of a City remains up-to-date and fully functional. Their main focus on the development and design of its environment is always with a goal of prioritizing public welfare.

The responsibilities of city maintenance employees have a large range with duties including the maintenance of sidewalks, city curbs, sanitation services, street maintenance, city parks, traffic and lighting, and assistance with transit needs. Rugged tablets aid these efforts by integrating with the latest technology to track, manage and communicate all data collected throughout the city in real-time, making it available on the network. With the use of rugged tablets, city planners have an easier way of gathering data, management, repairs, and coordinating with the people in charge of various departments around the city.

Planning and Management

Rugged tablets are a great tool in planning and managing a city. Due to several features to easily record data, accuracy is increased, and it leaves less room for human error. Data is entered and recorded directly into the tablet, which means the information doesnt need to be transferred at a later time. Rugged tablets have built-in 3D cameras that provide precise pictures and recorded dimensions that aid in the planning and designing of networks necessary for the growth of the area. This data gathered can be easily accessed by the management team and more options of the design or solution can be made in a short span of time.

Utilities and Maintenance Around the City

Utility workers are responsible for the routine maintenance of the city. They are assigned to inspect, report, and schedule the areas that need to be repaired. Rugged tablets are known to withstand drops, shocks, water, and dust and offer a long battery life. Utility workers being assigned in the field are prone to those environmental situations and with the use of rugged tablets, city workers are more productive because they have the rugged tech they can count on. Rugged tablets offer built-in 3D cameras that are used to determine an issue in a specific area, document and report in real-time to the office and then solutions can be easily determined and implemented. Using the rugged tablet also helps city planners in having a 3D visual of the whole area. This data helps predict and detect the aspects that need to be repaired and maintained in the coming days or months, giving city planners the upper hand and more time to manage the city efficiently.

Rugged tablets prove to be a great technology that improves worker productivity, increases reliability, and gives easy access to collected data, allowing for solutions to be found quickly thus solving long-term problems for government offices.