Installation Crews Depend on Rugged Technology for Improved Process Flow

In the past installation, crews have depended on paper and pencil to survey, scope, and record progress on installation projects. Written drawings, blueprints, and notes were kept in a pad of paper and later transferred to software on a computer, leaving room for human error, lost paperwork, and delayed timing for project completion.

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Rugged Tablets for Government and Municipal Projects

State and local governments are responsible for establishing and maintaining some of our communities’ most critical services, ranging from public safety to healthcare, parks and recreation to education, community housing to welfare, and transportation to public works.

The local government sector often needs tools, software, and devices that will help them meet the needs for the various tasks involved in managing community projects, and rugged tablets fit the bill. The design and operation of cities and county services can be enhanced in many ways by rugged tablets, and the public sector can benefit hugely by embracing the potential that rugged tablets offer.

The DT Research DT380CR Rugged Tablet features the integration of a brilliant 8” capacitive touchscreen and a high-performance yet energy-efficient Intel® processor within a slim, lightweight, and durable package. This is ideal for real-time, end-to-end mobile project management and task completion in the office, in a vehicle, and at job sites in the field.

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as camera and mobile broadband options, DT380CR rugged tablets offer seamless information capture and transmission for improved workflow in the public sector eliminating outdated paper documentation methods while saving the budget of state or local government organizations.

The DT380CR Rugged Tablet is also IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certified which provides reliable operation in demanding, mission-critical environments making it the perfect device for various public service and utility diagnostics and management such as public safety operations, public transportation, parking enforcement, public utility diagnostics, and management, infrastructure construction, maintenance, and repairs, among many other public services.

The public sector can best benefit from the support and functionalities that rugged tablets provide. Cities and county services are streamlined and automated providing true effective and efficient public service.

Rugged Tablets: Invaluable Tool for Smart City Management

Designing a smart city means the development, infrastructure, and management utilizes technology to make their cities more self-aware, automated, and efficient. Smart City promises a combination of technology paired with physical infrastructure and services that improves the lives of residents. The concept is the result of the consistently growing Internet of Things (IoT), with transportation, and utilities among the many areas being affected.

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Rugged Tablets for City Planning and Management

A Smart City is a city that uses data and technologies to improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit it. City maintenance teams are hard at work ensuring the infrastructure and appeal of a City remains up-to-date and fully functional. Their main focus on the development and design of its environment is always with a goal of prioritizing public welfare.

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Solar Power Plant Management Utilizing Rugged Tablets

The expanding concerns of climate change has encouraged organizations and governments alike to seek feasible and renewable energy solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. One of the solutions is solar power systems. Solar power systems are a popular solution for converting readily available and inexhaustible sunlight directly into electricity through solar cells leaving practically no carbon footprint. Nonetheless, the cost of solar power generation components remains high so therefore power generation and usage must be carefully monitored in order to evaluate and improve such systems performance, efficiency and return on investment.

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