Rugged Tablets Teams Up with Drones for Critical Situations

Defense organizations and tech-savvy consumers have been using drone technology for a long time. The advantages of this technology go far beyond these industries. Drones are being used by police departments, fire departments, public safety offices, and all types of law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence, safely evaluate threats, apprehend criminals, locate lost hikers, and even diagnose industrial accidents and explosions.

The following are some of the benefits of using a rugged tablet with a drone:

Improve Worker’s Safety and Productivity

Never before has technology provided so many options for ensuring the safety of fire and rescue crews. When confronted with unknown terrain, hidden flare-ups, explosion zones, or any other area where scouting on foot is dangerous, drones give the upper hand. Drones can safely operate near ladders, in dense urban environments, and in a variety of other scenarios where manned helicopters would be unsafe, cost-prohibitive, or simply too late if flown by authorized first responders.

Improve Situational Knowledge

When first responders need discreet monitoring from a long distance, drones can carry an astounding zoom camera! Discover and document even tiny details from a safe distance as they plan for the most demanding mission profiles.

Drones have proven useful during natural disasters in addition to emergency response. Drones have been used to assess the damage, locate victims, and deliver aid in the aftermath of hurricanes and earthquakes. In some cases, they are even assisting in the prevention of disasters.

Improve Coordination

While drones can add significant value to a wide range of industrial and field service applications on their own, their capabilities are often enhanced when they can communicate directly with mobile devices on the ground in a more collaborative manner. It’s pointless to have a drone spots a stranded victim if there’s no way to get the information to first responders. When the drone’s unique situational awareness is combined with reliable communications – such as mobile devices that can put overlays of hazards and offer support in the hands of on-the-ground personnel – help will reach those in need faster. It also lowers the risk of professional and volunteer rescuers having to respond.

While drones alone can add significant value to many industrial and field service applications, their capabilities are often amplified when they can directly interface with rugged handheld devices on the ground in a more collaborative way. DT Research rugged tablets like the DT301 Rugged Tablet provide accuracy and integrity through the use of GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite Systems. All of our tablets are equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Broadband features. They also have 4G technology which allows for a farther-reaching broadband cellular network.

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