Investigating with Digital Forensics Enabled Rugged Tablets

DT Research continues to develop powerful new tools such as scientific-grade GNSS and integrated RTK positioning tablets for digital forensics use in the field. Such purpose-built tablets are effectively transforming how forensic mapping and collision reconstruction are handled in the field, allowing investigators to utilize and enhance the precision of position data that is derived from satellite-based positioning systems.

There are multiple applications for the RTK tablet, but where it has come to shine is in the hands of investigative teams on the ground mapping crash scenes for rapid site clearing and traffic restoration. Since the process is completed within minutes instead of hours, safety is increased for both first responders and emergency personnel as well as for civilians in the area.

The speed of these tablets for mapping crash scenes results in scene clearing in a fraction of the time required by normal site survey methods, making the process not only safer but cheaper as well. Once the site is cleared, all pertinent data has been saved for use later.

During crash site reconstruction, forensic investigators can use the data captured by the tablet to perfectly recreate the scene. Recreations of sites with 1-2 centimeter accuracy are possible thanks to built-in dual-frequency GNSS modules that utilize real-time reference points from aerial photogrammetry. RTK GNSS positioning uses an external antenna to provide direct measurements, delivering 3D Point Cloud creation.  

All images can be combined into a clear 3-D rendering of the crash site as it was on personnel arrival. The pinpoint accuracy of the reconstruction delivers results which meet legal specifications for official evidence, which can be accepted by and will stand up in court proceedings. 

The customized, digital forensic mapping rugged tablets from DT Research have an IP65 rating, and a lightweight, portable rugged case. This allows for maximum versatility, with one-handed carry from the office to the vehicle, vehicle mounting, and use in the field. A sunlight-readable display provides for clear visibility in almost any weather circumstances. These factors can be crucial to law enforcement and first responders, who require portability and high functionality for items that must be taken into a developing scene.   

The advantages of these forensic mapping tablets for public safety teams, crime scene investigators, and crash site reconstructionists cannot be overstated. The ability to collect accurate, scientifically and legally defensible data in a fraction of the time formerly possible drives down costs and time investment on the scene, while delivering superior results and increased safety in the