Reflections of 2022: Thank You, from Us to You!

As this year comes to a close and we reflect back on the last year, it certainly has been full of changes for many industries. With healthcare fully embracing telehealth, the logistics industry investing in advanced technology for process automation and efficiency, and military sectors becoming more invested in technology that meets their needed standards – we realize that everyone is going through some kind of change within their business.

We want to take a moment to say thank you to our partners and customers for continuing to choose DT Research for rugged technology needs. We appreciate you, your trust, and your business.

We are committed to continuing to dedicate our business to yours. As the environment in most industries is ever-changing, we promise to continue to change with you. As your needs grow, we will grow with you.

From continuing to advance the latest technology in the industry which ensure reliability and ruggedness with our products, to listening to customer feedback and making upgrades based on that for future models, our goal is to make the highest quality in rugged technology while also providing the highest quality of service.

  • Thank you to our customers for your trust and for continuing to choose our products and our company as your source for rugged technology.
  • Thank you to our technology partners for continuing to innovate with us as we strive to provide the best solutions for each of our customers.
  • Thank you to our resellers for choosing our products to service your customers, we are grateful for your business.

To each and every one of our partners, resellers, and customers, we know it has been a tough couple of years, but today and every day we want you to know how appreciative we are to work with you.  

For DT Research, toughness isn’t the end game…it is just the starting point; it is the foundation for a purpose that is far-reaching, high achieving, and uniquely defined by organizations.

We know the last two years have been challenging in many ways for businesses across every industry. We appreciate continuing to serve our community through our partnerships. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in DT Research to manufacture hardware that is used across the world providing durable reliable computing for tough and important jobs.

Using Drones and Rugged Tablets to Investigate Accidents in Remote Locations

Tablets have proven to be a viable resource when it comes to accident investigation. With image rendering technology becoming faster, smoother, and more in-depth, its easier to examine locations from afar. Innovations such as drones and more secure, satellite-based connections enable responders and officials to navigate difficult terrain and high-risk areas safely. Here are a few ways in which drones and tablets are making a difference in these investigations.

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How Rugged Tablets with Night Vision are Essential for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement is an essential part of the communities we live in. Officers are government bodies trained in crime prevention and accident reporting to assist with keeping order in the community. Advanced technology is a large part of assisting officers in their daily tasks to ensure real-time communication and documentation of their work.

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Rugged Tablets for Public Safety Services

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to the public safety field, including the safety of law enforcement officers and constituents who are in need of filing a police report. Many offices are running on limited staff, limited hours, or even closed offices and are in need of ways to innovate to continue to keep the public’s safety on top priority while also operating with limited resources during these challenging times.

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Durable and Reliable Rugged Tablets are the Game Changer for Crime Scene Investigations

For many years crime scene investigations have relied on accurate reporting from the location to ensure a crime scene reconstructionist and law enforcement can digitally redesign the scene. the accuracy of the documentation, images, and reports collected from the scene is of high importance in order to be able to tell what happened at the scene and must be collected in a way that it can stand up in court as proof of what took place at the scene. 

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