Logistics GNSS Mapping – Asset Management

GNSS, or Global Navigation Satellite System, provides independent geospatial positioning that is the ideal technology for logistics and location-based service sectors. GNSS mapping also delivers the necessary technology for smarter logistics and asset management planning, from fleet supervision to delivery scheduling and GPS routing. Not only will DT tablets reduce overhead costs, but they will provide corporations and clients with improved access to facilities.

GNSS relies on ranging code to transmit signals as a measure of accurate positioning, which is a vital component to logistics asset management, workplace performance, and reliability. There is also an added benefit to client acquisition, navigational organization, and merchandise tracking. GNSS data collection also benefits clients and consumers by communicating fleet sequencing events that can be analyzed and used to make logistical changes that improve business practices.


Global trade has greatly affected logistical growth in industries like business, transportation, IT, security, and warehousing. Business owners are now beginning to implement this technology by using DT tablets with GNSS mapping to improve operations, product migration, and improve customer service. DT Research rugged tablets can provide all logistical or land surveying needs, including front and back camera accessibility, global GNSS mapping, decoder software, and barcode scanners.

Location-Based Services

DT tablets are also capable of improving location-based service providers to further their logistics applications. Managers also have the capacity to monitor drivers and track assets. GNSS provides all of these services via its geospatial technology, so it enhances customer relations, pinpoints fleet location, and allows clients to track delivery times.

Most notably, DT tablets offer multimodal logistics performance that improves company competence while promoting driver safety and asset management security. There is also widespread logistical industry support for safer and more precise transportation networking, which DT tablets consistently provide to location-based service providers.

Infrastructure Surveying And Asset Management

Local, state, and federal governments are also now relying on GNSS mapping and tracking asset management. Infrastructure is in such disrepair as well which is why there are plans in place to begin updating bridges, roads, waterways, utility networks, and bridges that experts believe will cost in excess of $4.5 trillion. Until the U.S. government performs geodetic surveying, it will be difficult to pinpoint the specific costs because of how damaged our infrastructure is. There is also a need to improve gas meters, electric grids, fire hydrants, and water works, which will have additional costs. With GNSS mapping, surveyors will be able to accurately identify these needs.

      GNSS mapping provides a secure form of communication for its users.

      DT Research technology advances digital services and innovative delivery practices.

      GNSS mapping is methodical and will identify within landmarks precisely.

      DT Research tablets increase global location-based digital commerce and city surveying.

If you have yet to integrate GNSS mapping, its an excellent time to create a new logistics plan to improve business practice efficiency. DT Research rugged tablets will help upper management eliminate many of the issues that cause back office, infrastructure, or fleet mismanagement. Having GNSS will also help systematize logistics and reduce the human errors that commonly lead to revenue loss.