3 Reasons Rugged Tablets with Night Vision are the Right Fit for Military Operations

From sunup to sundown, military-grade tablets are built to be carried throughout the entire mission. Adjustable screen dimmers and night vision make that possible for military personnel both on the base and in the field. Having the ability to reduce the screen brightness at night and increase the brightness of the screen throughout the day is critical for the safety of our servicemen and women.

When soldiers are patrolling the base at night or in the field on a mission, their safety is of the utmost importance. Military-grade tablets built with touch screens that can be completely blacked out helps to make them invisible, increasing their safety and comfort of use of their technology. The touchscreen modes can be manipulated either with a finger, a stylus, or a keyboard.

Glare Resistant Screen: During the day operations such as inventory management, fleet management and operations in the field requires rugged technology that makes it easy for the tasks to be performed. In the daylight, screens can be difficult to read therefore having an adjustable touchscreen that allows the light behind the screen to be turned higher is crucial to being able to fulfill the responsibilities of team members when they are in the direct sunlight. Our rugged tablet has a daylight mode setting which brightens the backlight of the screen making it easy to read, input information and retrieve data with no glare from the sun or squinting. 

Night Vision: Night vision is a key benefit of military-grade tablets that set this technology apart. The night vision mode suppresses/restrict infrared emissions from the screen when a soldier is using the tablet in the dark of the night. This means that the screen of the tablet cannot be seen even with the use of night-vision goggles. This is imperative for the safety of soldiers in the field when they are working a night mission. This allows them to move through the mission with ease, knowing their position cannot be seen while they are using their tablet computer.

Black Out Keys: Dimming the screen of a purpose-built tablet at night is just as important as being able to see the screen during the day, however, it is also important for military personnel to have the ability to communicate with their team during assignments. Blackout keys on the keyboard for a tablet ensure their safety when they are recording data or communicating with a team back at the base. Blackout keys make it possible for soldiers to quickly and easily record data of their mission or send a message to their team in real-time without the fear of being spotted by the backlight from the keyboard.

Built for the mission, our rugged tablets are a powerful combination having both a daylight mode and a night vision mode, without needing additional accessories to carry in the field. This makes them the perfect tool to use no matter the situation. Rugged tablets can be used to communicate in real-time with field operatives and commanders on base. Whether a search and rescue team is on a mission or a team is clearing a dark warehouse, military grade-tablets with night vision means the mission goes on with no fear of being seen in the dark.