Why is a Rugged Tablet the Best Business Mobile Device

Mobile technology is ever-expanding as businesses strive to outperform their competition. The ability to produce more, respond faster and increase customer loyalty are all reasons why mobile devices have become popular with these businesses.

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Expanding Military Productivity with RFID Technology

Military personnel has a continuous need to improve the efficiency and productivity of internal operations in order to stay accurate, flexible, and sustainable. As a dynamic, rapidly moving force,  if operational efficiency is compromised there could be significant delays and downtime in supplies and inventory. It is crucial to have technology that assists with keeping everything flowing seamlessly in a secure manner.

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Rugged Tablets in Field Hospitals Helps Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained hospitals globally requiring them to become more efficient and reliant on technology. In many cities across the world, field hospitals are being utilized as an overflow to regular hospitals that have limited capacity given the number of patients currently in care. Field hospitals do not have access to the same kind of technology that hospitals do and therefore need an innovative tech to aid patient care. Telemedicine is also on the rise, thus requiring changes in how doctors see and treat patients.

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Overcoming Supply Chain Distress Amidst the Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic global trade and supply chains have been affected and many of them coming to a halt due to the conditions across the world. While many facilities have had outbreaks, others simply have not been able to operate due to government restrictions in that country or city,  affecting the ability for businesses and consumers to gain access to products.  

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Rugged Tablets with UHF RFID Readers Aid Warehouse Challenges

Covid-19 issues overwhelmed companies and made a new level of awareness for greater flexibility and innovation in supply chains. All of the tasks that take place in a warehouse have come under review as the world learns to operate in this new normal, tasks such as managing incoming and outgoing packages, maintaining storage facilities, tracking and shipping packages, and managing inventory of supplies for specific clients —  COVID-19 has brought on many challenges that require operators and managers to think differently about these daily activities.

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