Medical Tablets and Medical Cart Computers for Enhancing Telemedicine Capabilities

Telemedicine is a practice within healthcare that has been on the rise over the last few years. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, telemedicine practices are coming to the forefront of medicine with doctors and nurses having more tools and capabilities of diagnosing and prescribing treatments over the phone or through an internet-based visitation.

There has been quite a bit of controversy around telemedicine until the recent events where it has been a necessary practice to ensure safety and reduce infection rates across the world. Telemedicine has proven to be an acceptable form of medicine and is beginning to become a trend in treating patients within the healthcare industry.

Doctors and nurses who are involved in telemedicine practices, need the technology to be able to effectively see, document and track a patients records when the patient and healthcare provider are in two separate locations.

Medical Cart Computers and Medical Tablets assist telemedicine practices by enhancing the ability to treat and document a patients medical journey quickly and with accuracy.

High-Resolution Touch Screen The high-resolution screen allows for the medical professional to easily see the patient and their ailment with a sharp image. For example, if a medical professional needs to see the patients tongue or skin rash the high contrast of the screen allows them to get a clear picture of the issue. The 13 or 22 or 24-inch screen is a large touch screen that enhances the visibility of documents and videos during telemedicine sessions. Touch screens make it easy for healthcare professionals to document their session with the patient, by grabbing needed forms and charts quickly.

Hot-Swappable Batteries prevent downtime when using these computers. If a battery is low or runs out of power the machine will stay on for a period of time while it is being replaced with a new battery. This prevents the loss of information in the middle of a session, while also reducing the need to find a plug nearby to provide power. Hot-swappable batteries eliminate lost time waiting for the machine to charge up and reboot. Multiple batteries can be charged at once on a separate battery charger so that there is a battery ready and waiting nearby at all times to keep the machine functioning.

Camera Medical tablets can include a front and back camera that makes it easy for medical professionals to video conference with their patient. The camera comes through on a 4,000 resolution display providing video and images in high resolution so healthcare providers can easily diagnose and treat each case. Dual HDMI video allows for dual-screen display and the ability to connect to external sources. Essentially three screens can be used to treat the patient. The camera is built into the medical tablet to enhance functionality and reduce the possibility of external equipment being damaged, thus making the medical tablet more reliable and portable for healthcare professionals on-the-go.

Antimicrobial Enclosure Aiding infection control efforts and to help prevent the spread of bacteria within a healthcare setting, medical tablets have an antimicrobial enclosure that helps to limit the spread of disease and contamination when passed from one provider to the next. The fanless systems also reduce pathogens being circulated and improve reliability overall.

Medical tablets are the preferred technology choice of healthcare professionals around the world to make telemedicine more accessible and easy to implement.