Expanding Telehealth Access for Veterans Through Medical Cart Computers and Medical Tablets

The Department of Veterans Affairs is working hard to expand telehealth access through the ‘Anywhere to Anywhere’ project, a new government rule that allows VA doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to treat veterans utilizing telehealth technology regardless of where they live. By linking veterans with skilled specialists, telehealth technology aids the Veterans Affairs Department in improving their health and well-being. It is not, however, without its difficulties.

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Healthcare Prepares for 2022 with Medical Grade Tablets and Computers

This past year has been a constant wave of change and uncertainty, especially for healthcare systems across the world. Many changes, policy updates, and new implementations. Those in healthcare in many ways may feel like their head is spinning from all of the changes that have taken place. The fast-paced environments have caused management to think on their feet and outside of the box.

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Medical-Cart Computers Eliminate Downtime and Improve Productivity

Medical-cart computers are the perfect solution for hospitals, emergency rooms, and medical facilities for eliminating downtime due to technology in the middle of a shift. Medical teams lose hundreds of hours per year due to lost productivity when computers need to be charged in the middle of a working shift. 

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Medical Cart Computers in Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities

The advancement of health care technology continues to revolutionize the medical field. With the increase of data in the Medical IT world, there is an ongoing need to be able to access and record patient information efficiently. Hospitals, nursing facilities, and clinics across the globe are also searching for ways to become more efficient with internal operations and offer more effective patient care.

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Medical Grade Tablets for Medical Surveys

This year has changed the way business is done across the world and the level of precautions that must take place in order to continue moving the business forward. From healthcare procedures to grocery shopping to large events, the world is finding new ways to innovate and creatively plan for the future as well as deal with our current situation. Medical grade tablets are contributing to the innovation needed to keep many businesses open and operational processes efficient.

Medical grade tablets are being used to enhance telemedicine efforts, for offices running on limited staff, and now to conduct public surveys. Medical grade tablets are antimicrobial, thus reducing the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses. This means they can be used in busy environments where many people have access to use the tablet, without the worry of cleaning the tablet between each use.

Public health surveys are important in gathering pertinent information for accurate prediction modeling for things such as disease prevention, flu vaccines, and contract tracing. However, given the current climate, it is difficult for workers to get out and gather the surveys they need from the public, especially using paper and pen/pencil given the transmittal of germs.

With the use of medical-grade tablets, information can now be gathered as needed, without hesitation and worry of spreading bacteria and germs. Surveys can be conducted with ease in areas such as an outdoor mall, business centers, or sporting centers where there is a lot of foot traffic for people to take a few minutes to fill out a survey.

Public health surveys can be conducted to raise health issue awareness, gauge interest in flu vaccinations, or to collect data for the census. In the past someone has stood outside of these busy places with a clipboard and paper in hand, asking people to take a few minutes of their time to fill out the survey. Now through innovation in technology, a tablet can be used to capture the data directly on the screen reducing the back and forth and handling of paperwork. This also reduces human error of the data collection.

Medical grade tablets could also be put on a slim cart to make a kiosk outside where people can fill out the survey without ever having to come into direct contact with the person facilitating the data collection. With the antimicrobial enclosures, the risk of spreading germs, bacteria, and viruses is significantly reduced, cleaning of the tablet surface can still occur but is not as needed in between uses as before.

Tablet technology is in high demand, allowing a business to continue moving forward without the high risks of transmitting COVID-19 and other viruses. As we continuously look for ways to creatively innovate in this new normal, technology plays a role in helping companies continue to thrive with less risk, while improving internal operational flow and allowing staff to do their jobs efficiently and effectively without the worry.

The use of medical-grade tablets can expand into a vast array of service needs, if your team is looking for an innovative way to streamline processes and stay safe during these challenging times, consider investing and integrating medical tablets into operations.