Medical Cart Computers and Medical Tablets for COVID Testing Sites

As medical facilities continue to see an uptick in business due to COVID-19 cases, popup testing sites have been used to handle the number of people who need to be tested. Long lines in many areas have created the need for more efficiency at the testing site to improve wait times and process flow.

Medical cart computers and medical tablets answer this need by making it easier to check people in at COVID testing sites. Their antimicrobial enclosures prevent the spread of bacteria thus reducing the risk for passing along bacteria that could be spread by multiple people using the same computer.

Medical cart computers and medical tablets expedite testing site services and improve the process of check-in by providing a checklist on the screen that facilitators can use to easily collect information about symptoms, insurance, and patient information.

Medical cart computers and medical tablets are HIPAA compliant and more efficient than using paper for patient data collection, with less room for human error or lost paperwork between shifts. When staff collects patient information on paper at a testing site, the information must then be transferred over to a computer which can lead to errors while transferring the data. Medical cart computers and medical tablets improve the process by requiring information to be entered directly into the computer once.

Even better is that patient information and data collected and put into the tablet is updated on the network in real-time, so anyone with access to the network can access the information in real-time using a CAC/smart card reader.

Medical cart computers and medical tablets allow for three touchpoints with three separate people collecting information and updating information in real-time. The first person collects information about the patient, the second person collects information about their symptoms and verifies their address and insurance details and the third performs the nose swab. This three-touch point process helps traffic flow, moving people along the line quickly.

Medical cart computers and medical tablets are portable and easy to transport to and from stations before, during, and after testing sites are open. They can easily be rolled inside for storage and rolled back out when needed. If one station closes and another opens, the medical cart computer can be rolled to that station, and healthcare workers can begin using them immediately without the risk of losing important patient documentation and information.

Medical cart computers are the answer for improving testing site efficiency, operations, and the collection of patient data. They are the chosen solution for COVID-19 testing sites across the world.