6 Benefits of Using Rugged Tablets for Medical Billing

An essential component of healthcare, public health, and public safety is emergency medical services (EMS). EMS provides 24/7 patient care in the form of first-line medical or emergency care for sick and injured people at the scene, whether in the person’s home or at an accident site, and while they are being transported to the hospital for care.

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Medical Tablets Aid Computer Vision Efforts in Healthcare

Computer vision is a fairly new trend in the healthcare industry, where images are used to assist in identifying and predicting diagnoses in patients with increased accuracy, utilizing computer images to do so. Images are taken and uploaded into the system and then analyzed by computer algorithms to optimize medical diagnosis, such as predicting heart rhythm disorders or how much blood loss a woman may have during childbirth.

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Revolutionizing Emergency Response with Rugged Tablets

Now more than ever, there’s more pressure on emergency services around the world to speed up response times and improve patient care during transport. Providers of emergency medical services (EMS) are currently seeking creative solutions to maintain a good level of service at a lower cost. There is a need now for emergency responders to be able to send information from the response site to the hospital before arrival. Sending insurance and preliminary treatment information prior to arrival makes check-in and processing much faster. With the influx of patients that responders and hospitals have seen over the last year, being able to communicate in real-time is becoming a need rather than a want in the healthcare industry. 

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Patient Privacy and Data Security is Protected with Medical Tablets

One of the main issues in the healthcare sector is the amount of unstructured data that is collected and stored. This data and information come in the form of medical records, medical imaging, supply levels, and even handwritten doctor’s notes. As the data piles up, the healthcare sector becomes a target for data breaches. Storing this data and making sense of all of it are two of the most challenging tasks for healthcare IT teams.

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3 Reasons Why Medical Rugged Tablets Are Vital to Military Hospitals

Military hospitals and clinics are found at military bases and posts around the world. However, some military hospitals are in austere clinical environments or those in which limited resources hamper the achievement of optimal patient outcomes. There was a time too when many veterans had a difficult time accessing specialty healthcare services because they lived in rural areas. Some even had to travel many miles to see a specialist at the nearest VA hospital that had one. But now telemedicine has made it possible to receive healthcare without needing to be in the physical presence of a specialist.

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