How Rugged Tablets with Night Vision are Essential for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement is an essential part of the communities we live in. Officers are government bodies trained in crime prevention and accident reporting to assist with keeping order in the community. Advanced technology is a large part of assisting officers in their daily tasks to ensure real-time communication and documentation of their work.

Rugged tablets with night vision screens offer a dual-mode display that makes the screen viewable unaided after dark with night modes that can be turned on during evening shifts. These tablets also have a brightness display for reading the screen when it is sunny and bright out. There is one toggle button that goes between day and night mode.

Patrol officers who work evening shifts deal with night blindness from the screens they use to record data when screens are too bright. Typically, 3rd party SW companies provide a button to reverse color schemes for night use but the screens or homegrown apps can still be too bright. Healthy eyes require approximately 10 to 30 minutes to achieve full dark adaptation.

From a law enforcement perspective, night vision blindness is generally defined as the inability of an officer to quickly see outside the squad car when its dark and especially during rapidly changing light conditions. In medical terms, night blindness (nyctalopia) is also the inability to see into poorly lighted environments or develop/retain dark adaption. This type of night blindness is not a disease and is a normal human visual response, but even so, it may present dangerous challenges for officers.

Common causes of night blindness include viewing an unfiltered computer screen or any electronic display or being exposed to any type of white light. These real-world causes may become life-threatening for law enforcement officers who have to read their in-car computer displays at night and then leave their cars and go into action.

The issues with many of the computers law enforcement officers use is that they are made to operate in the daylight and not at night, so the screens are bright enough during the day but too bright at night and cause night blindness, causing safety concerns for officers.

DT Researchs rugged tablets for law enforcement are designed and manufactured to fit the specific needs of the responsibilities for both day shift and evening shift officers. Our screens are designed with both shifts in mind, with a simple toggle switch to make it easy to switch between the day and night modes. Our rugged tablets are built to withstand harsh environments, falls, and even water spills. They are lightweight enough to be carried from the car, into the field, and into the office.

Vehicle mounts make it easy to transport and use the tablet while in the vehicle. Rugged tablets for law enforcement officers are also capable of handling the vibration from the car over the long-term, thus reducing the need for regular maintenance or even replacement. This improves the longevity of the tablet and increases the value of the investment.

DT Researchs rugged tablets with night vision help law enforcement officers to be more productive, efficient, and capable of performing their job duties to serve our communities. Rugged tablets enable real-time communication between dispatch and officers in the field thus improving internal processes. An investment in this technology is one that yields returns for many years to come.

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