Minimizing Freight Costs with Dimensioning through Rugged Tablets

The dimensions of a package can make all the difference in shipping costs. Most shipping carriers require exact dimensions to ship a package and if those dimensions arent met, they can reserve the right to charge more or refuse the shipment. As the holiday season approaches and more online spend is being spent in online shopping this year than any other year, ensuring packages have the right dimensions is crucial for getting shipments out on time. 3D technology uses images to aid them with efficient shipping. Now is the time more than ever to take seriously the amount you may be spending on shipping.

Here are some ways shipping is becoming more economical.

3D Scanning for Precise Packaging

Parcel dimensioning is important as the dimensions and weight of a package need to be considered, especially when a shipment must be flown to a location. For example, a package weighing 4 pounds might have a dimensional weight of 8 pounds, doubling the cost. With 3D scanning, one could figure out the exact dimensions an item might need for packaging. It works by putting the items on a pallet, capturing the 3D scan, and then it tells you the exact dimensions needed for packaging. By figuring out how much space the items will take up, the shipper could make this process as smooth as possible. The goal is to save costs and cut down on environmental impact.

Rugged tablets integrated with 3D scanning record precise data about the package to determine what size packaging is needed, what the weight is, and what the exact dimensions are.


Utilizing 3D scanning integrated with rugged tablets automates the entire shipping logistics process. Items are labeled with a RFID tag, scanned into the system, then data is tracked through the software on a rugged tablet from the moment the package is ready all the way through until it reaches its destination. Planning for space on a truck becomes easy when accurate dimensions are recorded and logged into the system with precise accuracy.

Cost Savings

Companies will save a load on shipping costs, especially during the peak seasons after taking the time to implement 3D scanners. Think of all of the unnecessary space thats being used for shipping the wrong dimensions. Shipping logistics planners need to be more precise when loading a truck or plane to ensure the weight is correct and that there is enough space to get on as many packages as possible, to maximize the shipment. Those looking to ship packages this season could save a lot of money if companies can get packaging exactly right, not to mention some shipping companies are charging more if the dimensions arent correct. Another benefit is reducing C02 in the environment by packing more into transport.

In the end, everyone benefits from technology like 3D scanning. Companies, consumers, warehouse workers, and drivers can all reap the benefits of better packaging tactics. Shipping logistics planner’s roles and responsibilities are made easier while improving the accuracy of shipping packages as well as saving costs in weight and spacing.