Using 3D Rugged Tablets for Accident Investigation Training

Imagine an innovation that could allow first responders to examine accident sites safely. What if they could examine the damage of an event from a distance? This could allow them the time and strategy for when they do step on site. This will potentially limit accidents that could take place as a result of going in blind. Below are the ways the use of drones and rugged tablets could make first responders’ lives less risky.

Accident Simulations

In Colorado, researchers used handheld scanning devices to investigate a crash simulation. With the scanner, first responders were not only able to locate the site of the accident, they were able to render 3D scans, giving them an inside look of details before setting foot on the scene. By allowing responders to examine a crash site ahead of time, they can more effectively strategize how to help those involved. It will also give them awareness ahead of time if the scene is still active or dangerous.


Drones have emerged as a leading application for unmanned investigation systems. In one test, the drones covered over 70 acres of rugged terrain successfully. However, the goal was to see details up close and more deeply. This is especially difficult to accomplish when investigating uneven territory, though drone technology is constantly improving. Shadows can be a major problem, thankfully, a program known as Pix4D helps to eliminate such problems. Through this type of rendering, more details can be seen. An aircraft known as the Autel Evo II is easy to use as well as allows 3D rendering and mapping. This is actually ideal for most commercial operators as well, giving a clearer picture and easier use.

3D technology is useful for an abundance of reasons apart from the accident investigation. However, accident investigation with the use of 3D rendering will prove to be most useful. Drones and rendering with rugged tablets are great for commercial use but giving first responders a leg up in what to expect with an accident will make a difference in how to effectively help others.

Risk can be minimized for first responders getting injured for reasons that could have been foreseen ahead of time. Rugged tablets integrated with 3D technology and the use of drones reduce the time first responders need at an accident site to measure and document the accident, thus cleaning up the accident scene faster without risking the accuracy of the data collection which is extremely important according to this car and motorcycle accident lawyer.

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Rugged tablets collect accurate information from the site that can then be used in a court case if needed. Rugged tablets can also be used to reconstruct the scene of the accident at a later time to understand what happened to cause the accident and who was at fault. All of this information is pertinent should a case go to court to prove the case.

Rugged tablets support the training efforts of first responders when teaching them how to quickly assess an accident scene and clean it up to renew traffic flow in a timely manner. Integrating officers with 3D technology, the use of drones, and data capturing with a rugged tablet during their training early on, allow them to understand the technology while also improving internal processes.