Accessories Flex Usability for the DT361AM Tablet

The newly released DT Research DT361AM Tablet is a lightweight, durable six-inch tablet that is perfect for on-the-go industries where having an ultra-portable mini-computer is a necessity. Industries such as law enforcement, military, government, first responders, utility workers, warehouses, construction, and field workers who need something that can easily be carried in the hand while in the field, yet has the power to quickly log documents and input data while saving information in real-time so anyone with network access can access information at the same time it is uploaded. 

Adding to the flexibility and usability of the DT361AM tablet are the accessories that can be paired with the tablet for promoting smooth workflow in the field. Below we outline how the accessories add to the ease and duration of use for this rugged handheld tablet. 

Accessories for the DT361AM Tablet Include:

Vest Mount

Perfect for law enforcement and first responders, the vest mount accessory allows for this portable tablet to easily and conveniently attach to a vest for hands-free use. Easily detached and ready for use when the tablet is needed in the hands or flipped up against the vest when stored out of the way. The vest mount is sturdy, safely keeping the tablet close so it does not fall out if the user is running, reaching, or bending over, it will stay secured when the handheld rugged tablet is both in it and when it is being used. 

Battery Chargers and Batteries

One of the important aspects of having a portable rugged tablet are the additional battery chargers that allow it to be used continuously. When batteries need to be charged often that means employees are not working and the company’s production is delayed. The DT361AM tablet offers a battery charger accessory that allows for up to 6 batteries to be charged at one time, thus reducing the need for employee downtime to recharge and get back to work. Having multiple batteries available means there can always be a fully charged battery for every DT361AM tablet whenever one is needed. Batteries can be swapped out in real-time without having to turn off the tablet, enabling uninterrupted workflow and more productive workers.

Tablet System Chargers

 Another charger is for the entire DT361 tablet, with bays for 6 tablet systems to charge at the same time. In many industries having downtime to charge portable tablets and devices can mean losing money.  By having multiple DT361 rugged tablets charged and ready to go, staff don’t even have to stop to replace batteries, they can just pick up an entire tablet system that is fully charged and keep going on with their project. The DT361AM tablet offers a variety of convenient accessories that can be added on for targeted needs in industries where having a durable, lightweight, and portable handheld rugged tablet improves productivity, efficiency, and team communication.