Using Rugged Tablets to Detect and Prevent Cyberattacks in the Navy

Similar to physical warfare, cyberattacks depend on how well they are executed to have a negative outcome. The increased digitization of the navy has led to an increased interest in implementing cybersecurity solutions.

Ships are can be vulnerable to cyber threats due to the digitalization of their command and control systems, and their connection to other naval assets via radio frequencies, satellites, and data linkages.

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DT Research Rugged Tablets: Night Vision Solutions for the Military

commander of the Rangers paves the route on an electronic tablet

Night vision technology is most known for thermal area searches with binoculars, monoculars, and scopes. Many industries, including construction, medicine, and the military, actively and successfully use systems based on this technology and thermal imaging devices.

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4 Ways Rugged Tablets Help Expands Marine’s Competitive Space

The modern marine needs computing capabilities that can scale and adapt to their various duties. Each mission may have its own set of criteria as well as ruggedization requirements. As a result, rugged technology designers are creating systems that are adaptable enough to suit the Marines’ diverse mission and human factor needs.

A fully functioning computer on the field takes the right blend of miniaturization and ruggedization, along with a vision for functionality and usability.

The following are examples of rugged handheld tablet applications in modern military programs:

Data-Driven Decision Making

Military operational success is usually determined by sound and effective decisions based on trustworthy data. This avalanche of digitized data provides military leaders with countless data mining opportunities to uncover hidden patterns in a wide range of situations; as a result, military-grade rugged tablets have become the military’s go-to tool for data identification, collection, and organization, as well as the most effective analysis of operational and tactical decisions.

Secure Communication Networks

Military administration and field units may communicate securely and in real-time, which improves efficiency and safety. Status changes and updates can be communicated immediately among vehicles and across distances for better mission planning workflows and on-the-go strategizing. Rugged handhelds have responsive capabilities to store messages for clear, concise, and easily referenced communication, eliminating the need for physical regrouping and meetings.

Communication can also include video conferencing, shared photos and visuals, and field-captured data. Connectivity anywhere with anyone is possible with mobile computers operating on a range of networks, from secure cellular and LAN to edge networks to encrypted WiFi, keeping all classified information completely confidential.

Faster and Improved Data Accuracy

Military operations encounter a variety of threats, many of which have different agendas, reactive capabilities, and adaptive competencies. Furthermore, because operational plans are fraught with uncertainty, military leaders must make quick and effective judgments based on available data. The military discovers, knows, anticipates, and collaborates their data into political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment, and time operational factors using machine-assisted decision-making tools such as military-grade tablets.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

In military terms, tactics are the specific means of achieving a particular objective for on-location deployments. Rugged tablets have a number of capabilities that make them suitable for delivering accurate instructions and maintaining situational awareness in the field. Users can take advantage of native Wi-Fi features to maximize 4G and 5G communication wherever there is an internet connection. Other technologies, such as radio frequency identification and long-range Bluetooth, are now available to help consumers get the information they need quickly.

The military is rapidly importing digital technology into its ground forces. The possibilities and applications for ruggedized tablet computers for the military continually grow in a number of areas. DT Research’s long experience in developing highly-ruggedized laptop and tablet solutions for the military is proof that we have developed products that can not only withstand the extreme environments that militaries face but are also highly optimized for use within the new and modernized military systems.  

C1D2 Certification for Safe Operation for US Navy in Hazardous Environments

C1D2 certification is a certification received for rugged tablets that stand the ultimate test of durability and hazardous environments. Not all tablets are created equal, in fact, many don’t come close to passing this and other durability tests, which enable reliable performance for use in places such as warehouses, manufacturing floors, production lines, and hospitals.

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Why Rugged Tablets are Best Built for the Special Forces

Because special forces team members must be prepared to go anywhere in the world, they train and work in all climates, weather conditions, and settings. During missions in enemy-controlled areas, Special Forces team members may be exposed to extreme temperatures, often without protection. They work and practice on military bases, ships, and submarines the majority of the time.

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