Digitization Improves Logistics for the Military

Military logistics is a mission-critical part of operations, and with global supply chains becoming strained, improved planning, execution and contingency become a high priority for all government defense agencies around the world.

Information technology is also a critical enabler for military operations in relation to the command and control of personnel, management, and protection of information assets, and collaboration with mission partners.

Modernization of information technology systems strengthens cybersecurity, cultivates talent, provides greater efficiency, transitions military-wide shared services, enhances their ability to collaborate with partners, and improves response time to natural disasters. Effective, secure, and efficient IT helps preserve and expand competitive military advantage.

Here’s how rugged tablet technologies help improve IT digitization and logistics in the military.

Material and facilities management

Maintaining fully functional systems in the military is crucial for ensuring operations run smoothly.  Facilities management is responsible for the maintenance and repair of military or civil equipment used in daily operations, with a need for technology that assists in accurate data capture and increased efficiency. Rugged tablets are part of the technology used to help the military in staying organized to ensure the timely delivery of preventive or corrective maintenance needs, repairs of vehicles, management of spare parts and supplies, as well as related tasks assigned to the above. Rugged tablets assist logistics teams with tracking, monitoring, and reporting on all tasks related to maintenance, repair, and supplies.

Movement and transportation management

Military-grade tablets are equipped with advanced security features such as CAC readers that allow only authorized military personnel to track transportation and movement of military assets with just a quick contact on their tablets. Military-grade tablets used on the base, in an office, or in the field are built to keep performing even when used in harsh environments. They are designed and manufactured with durability in mind, so the tablet does not need much maintenance itself. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to transport from one location to the next.

Services management

Rugged tablets are a great tool in servicing, planning, and managing base logistics, vehicle management, and supply inventory. Data is entered and recorded directly into the rugged tablet through a number of different modalities including drones, 3D RealSense camera, RFID scanners, barcode readers, or entered directly by personnel on the tablet. All data can be easily accessed by the military and by civilian personnel. Internal teams can access information in real-time and make informed decisions for supply and logistics, budget formulation and execution, travel, and acquisition management. 

Health Services Support

The modernization of information technology also supports the military’s health system providing direction, resources, health care providers, and other means necessary for promoting the health of the military servicemen and their families. Rugged tablets have been an important technology in providing health services to military communities around the world by improving communication, collaboration, data management collection, and workflow efficiency in military health services.

Military-grade tablets assist military base logistics, as well as mission-critical environments with their durability, design, and build. They the military certifications and IP ratings for durability to withstand harsh environments where consumer-grade tablets would be damaged in a short period of time. Rugged tablets for the military are purpose-built with a design that provides personnel with assistance for many tasks and responsibilities of each department. They are made to last for many years, an investment that continues to show a return years after the purchase.