Rugged Tablets for the Transportation Industry

Managing efficient transportation for a city is a task that requires dedication, organization, and efficiency. Multiple problems are often running at one time, with a focus on solutions, back up plans, and technology that simplifies required management. Rugged tablets simplify the management of all the moving parts of transportation logistics, while providing an option for teams in the field to have mobility and functionality on the job.

Rugged tablets for the transportation industry increase operational efficiency and real-time communication between departments. They are built with the durability to be taken into the field without the worry of a drop, spill or vibration affecting their performance. Rugged tablets work fast, operate in extreme temperatures so they can be used during intense winter storms or in the heat of the day. 

Rugged Tablets Assist the Transportation Industry

Fleet Management:

City transportation vehicles must be accounted for, maintenanced often and repaired when needed. Having a bus or train down for a lengthy period of time can cause major city delays for assisting the residents of communities with getting to where they need to go. Rugged tablets offer assistance with maintaining fleets of various city transportation vehicles, tracking when they need to be maintenanced, which routes have a bus under repair or where new vehicles need to be placed when purchased due to wear and tear. Rugged tablets provide real-time reporting on all activity with vehicles, so teams can take a micro or macro look into the current logistics for city transpiration or what is on the horizon to assist planning for fleet down time. 

Public Transportation: 

Rugged tablets can be mounted inside of public transportation vehicles such as trains to allow city transportation teams or engineers more efficient driver control room management. Rugged tablets can allow quick user access and security clearance through a CAC reader or remote login should a train get off course or need to be worked on by the technical team from a distance. 

Field Crews and Maintenance: 

Teams need the ability to work quickly when operating on a train or bus, especially if the vehicle needs repairs while on the track. When it comes to real-time decision making, rugged tablets aid field crews and maintenance crews with the ability to communicate with all members on the network to troubleshoot issues or receive approval from management for repairs on the spot. Convertible laptop computers are also a handy tool for maintenance crews who need the ability to have a tablet when working in small spaces, but a computer with keyboard to run diagnostics on. Laptop computers are a two-in-one device, computer with a keyboard for troubleshooting, that easily turns into a tablet to fit into those tight spaces while working on a transport vehicle in the field.

Rugged tablets make the roles and responsibilities of transportation logistics less stressful. They are a tool teams can turn to for reliability that isn’t found in consumer-grade tablets. With a powerful Intel Core processer, tablets work quickly and efficiently to aid team members to get the job done with fewer mistakes, and have built in technology such as the 3D RealSense camera to assist diagnosing problems with accuracy.