3D RealSense Camera on Rugged Tablets Aids Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects are a necessity to maintaining cities nationwide. Knowing when specific areas of city infrastructure need to be updated, maintenance or replaced is crucial to knowing when projects need to be scheduled. Throughout each city, crews are responsible for checking utility lines, water lines underground, where wires, pipes, and cables are located. 

Rugged tablets aid city infrastructure projects by helping to track when maintenance is completed or needs to be done, track all the moving parts of the projects, help teams communicate in real-time, and keep crews safe by doing much of the leg work to identify where parts are underground.

Advanced Safety for Crew Members:

The 3D RealSense camera integrates directly with a rugged tablet and can be used to go underground to check utility lines, water pipes, and electrical wires and cables to identify where a line may be broken or where wires are exposed, for example. This offers additional safety for utility workers and crew by not requiring a person to go underground into what could potentially be unsafe territory to locate a gas leak, electrical issue, or broken utility line. The tablet with 3D RealSense camera attaches to a line that can go underground to assess the area, take pictures, and document the findings prior to a person going in, reducing the risk for team members.

Real-Time Updates:

All information collected from the 3D RealSense camera is logged into the network immediately and stored through the rugged tablet to the network, making the information available in real-time to anyone with secure access to the network. 

Precise Measurements:

Utilizing rugged tablets with an integrated 3D RealSense cameras to take accurate, precise measurements of needs at the project site improves the management of infrastructure projects. These measurements can be used in a Digital Twin model of the project to produce accurate drawings and replicas of the details of every aspect of the project, and dimensions and materials needed. This Digital Twin representation can then be utilized for updates, changes, and approvals prior to crews being sent to do the work. 

Rugged Durability:

Rugged tablets can also be used in the field during the length of the project to view renderings, make updates to the project, and document all progress in real-time. Rugged tablets are built with durability in mind to withstand vibration, dust, and harsh environments. Rugged tablets will withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold for work during extreme summer weather or wintery conditions. Rugged tablets for infrastructure projects have capacitive touch screens with lighting control that allows for increased screen brightness for daytime use in direct sunlight and lower backlit screens for nighttime use. 

Rugged tablets with the 3D RealSense camera are built for aiding infrastructure projects – aiding the safety of workers, offering real-time communication and durability in the field. With the accurate and precise measurements, this is the perfect technology for hard-to-deliver infrastructure sites. 

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Rugged Tablets for Tracking Deployment to Crisis Situations

Rugged tablets are the dependable solution for National Guard deployments.

The National Guard is the nations most diverse branch of the military with the capability of being deployed both domestically and internationally. In times of crisis where communities need help, they are ready to step in and provide aid where it is needed. When the National Guard is called to duty it is almost always in an emergency situation whether it be for natural disaster relief, search and rescue missions,  to distribute supplies such as in communities hit by COVID-19 and many other challenging situations where trained personnel are needed for the difficult situations.

2020 has brought on many challenges globally and has presented the world with new needs as it pertains to crisis situations. When the pandemic first hit, military personnel were deployed to sites where outbreaks of COVID were spreading fast to set up mobile testing sites, disperse food and key supplies, clean common spaces, and provide labor for call centers. The National Guard was there to aid during a time we needed dependable service in areas heavily affected.

The deployment of rugged tablets aids the National Guard in their efforts both domestically and internationally, making their job easier and streamlining communication and internal processes. Rugged tablets are built with durability in mind, to withstand the challenges in almost any setting and operate in difficult situations where they are called to respond. Rated IP65, MIL-STD-810G, and MIL-STD-461F, rugged tablets are tested and certified to withstand the harshest conditions they may be used in. From extreme weather conditions such as extremely hot or below freezing temperatures, heavy wind and rain, dusty or sandy environments, the tablets will continue to work and get the job done.

Rugged tablets are portable and provide reliable mobility no matter where they are deployed. They can be used to track supply distribution, manage inventory, mark people as safe in a natural disaster and much more. They can be used in an office setting or in the field and are lightweight so they can be carried all day in the field if needed. As data is entered into a tablet, anyone with access to the network can view the information being entered in real-time, thus improving communication among team members who need to gain insight and access to data quickly in order to make real-time decisions.

Three Benefits of Rugged Tablets for National Guard Deployment

  1. Capacitive Touchscreen
    The touchscreen provides convenience and mobility for entering data and information into the tablet. Members of the National Guard can easily type or scan the information by using this touchscreen in the field to process people or data quickly. This is especially helpful for response to natural disasters or distribution of supplies or vaccines. The capacitive touchscreen also has a backlit screen that can be used in direct sunlight to brighten the screen during day use, and a dimmer that reduces the screens brightness during use at night.

  2. Built-in Wi-Fi
    Native Wi-Fi capabilities enable users to boost communication built directly into the tablet. This allows the use of Wi-Fi no matter where the tablet is being used, so that there is consistent communication, tracking and backing up of information in real-time. Thus enabling users to receive fast and timely information pertinent to the responsibilities in the field. Should a plan shift or change, members in the field can be alerted quickly so a new course of action can be taken.

  3. Hot-Swappable Batteries
    Rugged tablets for the National Guard are designed and manufactured with long-lasting hot-swappable batteries, leaving no downtime in the field or between shifts. This means that when a rugged tablet battery is running low, it can be swapped in real-time without the tablet shutting down during the process. This means all information is kept safe and there is no shutting down and rebooting the computer during critical missions. Hot-swappable batteries are the difference between continuing to work through the mission or having to take a break to reboot during critical times.

Rugged tablets are the dependable solution for National Guard deployments. No matter the mission, our tablets are there to answer the call of duty, whether the task is big or small. Aiding members of the National Guard to help make their job and field responsibilities a little easier when it matters most.