Military-grade Tablets: The Solution for Air Force Critical Missions

One of the key elements that define a nation’s stability is its national security. Thus, It is essential to enhance the technology utilized by military and government employees to strengthen internal operations, base and field logistics, and security of data.

Military-grade rugged tablets have provided much-needed technological advancements for the military, especially in the Air Force sector. The military has boosted its adoption of rugged tablets for a number of functions and logistical needs, considering the portability and ease of use of rugged tablets.

How are Rugged Tablets used in the Air Force

Command & Control

Military-grade tablets play a crucial role in the military’s network-centric operations and are a key display interface for contemporary communications systems. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including viewing video from a UAV feed, messaging coordinates and positioning in the field, sending intelligence to higher command units, and setting up SATCOM. Rugged tablets show team leads an operational picture of what is happening in the field, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the whereabouts of military personnel, vehicles, and resources while on a mission.  

Situational Awareness

To fulfill its mission of flying and succeeding in the air, the United States Air Force must have the freedom to maneuver during flight missions. A rugged tablet made for the military can handle the strain of running many programs at once, including mapping, task sets, and topography, as well as providing reach-back capabilities to a command center. Military-grade tablets can be used in a fighter jet, in the maintenance yard to repair vehicle fleets on the base and to manage teams in the field. 

Warehouse Logistics and Inventory

Equipped with built-in barcode, RFID, and CAC readers, rugged tablets and rugged handhelds have aided in the movement of ground equipment throughout the military supply chain.  The Air Force requires careful handling, storing, and managing of supplies going to and from bases globally. Numerous products, fleet parts, and supplies must be shipped and tracked to ensure operations run smoothly. Military-grade tablets help logistics teams to track assets and inventory levels so bases never run out of crucial supplies.  

Flightline Maintenance

With a MIL-STD design and sunlight-readable touchscreen, military tablets are being deployed to bases all over the world, allowing military maintenance teams to complete repairs and inspections in some of the harshest environments. The tablets can be used during the day or at night, and the convertible laptop is perfect for tight spaces while doing repairs. The convertible laptop can be converted from laptop to tablet in small spaces, with a smooth 360 turn. 

Real-time information also facilitates communication between field personnel and base personnel, allowing for quick updates and access to flight information. The Air Force uses tough tablets for flight logistics and maintenance since they are still one of the fastest and most effective ways to manage field projects and moving parts.