Tracking Warehouse Assets with Rugged Tablets is Effective and Efficient

Despite the fact that they might seem to be the same, asset tracking and inventory tracking are separate. The act of labeling and categorizing the goods coming into and going from your warehouse for sale is known as inventory tracking. On the other hand, asset tracking entails keeping track of the equipment, tools, and vehicles that support the operation of your company.

Crucial capital investments such as barcode scanners, laptops, forklifts, and even vehicles, need to be accounted for.  The problem often is that there’s simply too much to track without a centralized system of accountability to streamline the process.  With poor asset management practices comes increased labor costs, equipment losses, and the potential for unneeded spending on duplicate assets.  Needless to say, there is a  need for assets to be ready for use every day and rugged tablets can help.

How can a rugged tablet help with asset tracking?

Vital Assets are Tracked with RFID Tags

RFID tags are little plastic containers that house a radio antenna and a very small computer chip. In order to retain information about the asset, such as the type of machinery, location, maintenance schedule, age, use hours, and more, they employ radio frequency and a special, customized piece of programming.

When an employee uses an asset, wants to clean or repair it, or is just seeking the correct tool for the job at hand, they can scan it using a rugged tablet that has an integrated RFID reader and it automatically gets logged and tracked in the system as checked out or available to be used. You can also get services from an industrial warehouse cleaning company to ensure that the cleaning process is done correctly.

Barcodes for Asset Tracking

For smaller or less expensive objects in asset tracking, barcodes are ideal. Commonly used tools are usually given barcodes and can be tracked with a rugged tablet with a built-in barcode scanner so that staff can check them in and out. The employee logs in using the rugged tablet grab the necessary tool(s), scan with the same computer, and then gets to work. After that, employees would repeat the process by checking the same tools back in when they clock out or leave for lunch.

A process like this not only helps to minimize loss, but also keeps track of use hours for each individual tool, which can aid in maintenance, cleaning, and replacement schedules.

Rugged tablets and the right asset management software allow you to keep track of warehouse assets, so you know where they are, who has them, and when you can expect these tools back in the employee pool.  Further, with the responsive touchscreen, employees, vendors, and company guests can use a stylus to sign in and sign out equipment, verifying the user and time stamping the occasion.  A rugged tablet can also help you track the physical condition of your tools, to avoid downtime that can hurt production.

Whether you’ve never fully embraced asset tracking, are looking for a new method, or just want to save on costs, it’s time to look into rugged tablets for all the important equipment in your facility.

Rugged tablets are built with durability in mind, they can be used in many environments and can also be mounted to a forklift for use on the warehouse floor. They can be used in the field, for logistics, in manufacturing areas, or in an office setting. All users with access to the network can view all logged data in real time to make efficient decisions based on real data.